Diseased, Climate, PPM, I’m lost and can’t figure it out

Hi All,

First plant, ILGM Blue Dream Auto Flower 8 Weeks Old.

Daytime temps 77
Lights out 73-74
Humidity between 50-55
During flowering I’ll have it at 40%
6 inch extract fan on full blast
Exhale Co2 bag outside the tent right at the vent door to suck it in.

It’s in a 7 gallon smart pot (I know way to big for autos) my first grow and I learned quick. It’s also in Mother Earth Terracraft.

Light is approximately 18 inches away at 100% (Mars Hydro FCE4800)

Water 3/4 to 1 gallon every two - 3 days or so. No nutrients we’re given yet.

I noticed stuff start to change on the tips first, like bronze yellow crispy and curling down and under.
So. I went to water and tested PPM for first time. It was 8K with just the soil. I hadn’t given any nutrients at all yet. I flushed down to 1100 thinking that the there was way to many nutrients in the soil
Being a big pot.

Now, it’s around the serrated edges of the leaves, and worsening by the day. It’s got a few weeks left.

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So, your runoff is 1100? I don’t test my runoff, but that seems low. Did you feed her after the flush. I’m seeing deficiencies. Maybe you have some kind of lockout going on. The roots not uptaking the nutrients for some reason.

You’ve been watering, what has been the ph of your water

PH of water going in is at 6.5-6.6

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Yes, that’s correct. I did feed it following with 5ML CaMG, 5 ML Bloom, and 2.5 ML Bio Bud. The General organics GO Box

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