Disease or lack of nutrients?

Little rust spots on a few leaves, when I rub the leaves nothing really comes off to indicate any kind of spores or anything.

But definitely want a second opinion

Critter eggs? Have you checked the underside of the leaves for bugs.


i took my jeweler loop and looked at the underside and top side of leaves. i do not see anything suspect, no eggs or critters. i would imagine its the beginning of cal deficency…

I’m with @MidwestGuy on this one it looks like bugs to me

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Are you running an ultrasonic type humidifier, @Kaosfury?

No humidifier. Gague says about 35% humidity

I’m on the bug train to

can i see them with a jewelers loop? under leaves on stems? would they be moving? can you folks give me the proper way to diagnose if this is the issue?

Check for pests under ur leaves that looks like either spider mites or something else

I have not seen anything under the leaves or on the stems yet , I do see a couple tiny little flying I believe gnats in the soil I just watered a few days ago…

But it’s got to be something pest related so I’m going to just keep checking every couple of hours go up there with my flashlight and my Jeweler’s loupe and just keep looking and keep looking

You may have more than one problem if you have fungus gnats in the soil the larve will destroy the roots.

I’d for sure hit it with some neems oil(veg) or Captain Jack’s Deadbug (Veg,beginning to mid flower). In my humble opinion of course. It looks like pests to me.

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Bugs will be most active after lights go out for a little bit. I would try checking in the dark.

similar issue with my grow, veg week 3, hydro, my ph was too low.

Seems like bugs

Can somebody tell me was wrong with this

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Looks to me like it’s been cooked under your light

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