Disease or deficiency

  • What strain, Unknown
  • Method: Soil, seed starting mix, believe nutes were .03 .06 .03
  • Vessels: Cups at the moment
  • Indoor
  • Light system king 1000w led
  • Temps; 70
  • Humidity; around 60(now)
  • Ventilation system; Yes,4” carbon filter
  • Co2; No

Should I be concerned by this? Poor lady had been treated rough, she is now in a controlled environment.


She looks fine to me.

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She looks good. That leaf was likely damaged during the seed husk and membrane removal.


Thank ya sir

I read that with the 1000w led, I should be 48” above seedlings. Is that correct?

It depends. Not all leds are created equal. If she starts stretching, lower the light a little bit.

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It’s really only a 185 watt fixture. I would start it at 30 inches and move it downward every few days until you find a happy setting.

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at Mar 3, 9.56.14 AM


Yeah, I bought that before researching. So the power draw is how to measure wattage. As far as moving it closer, just listen to my girls, if the leaves start spotting bump it back up? Thanks for the input.

Basically saying…put your hand above the plant and if its to hot for your hand, its to hot for the plant. Raise till its comfortable. :+1:

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I bought the fox farm ocean organic for soil, the Bergman’s nutrient set. I’ve read that if using good soil, you don’t need nutes, is that true?

Brand new Fox Farms soils won’t need nutrients till around 6 weeks.


Do you have your Ph and TDS meter yet?

6 weeks after I transplant? I have two Dixie cups going, was gonna wait till root bound to plant them in my fabric pots.

Many folks in FFOF won’t fertilize until they are in flowering.

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Ok, good to know. Being my first run I may hold out till then just to be safe. Also, have a baseline without it till flower. Next time, I will maybe add some in earlier.

Nick Seibert