Disease on leaves?

Hi two of my plants have this growing outside, promix, recycling bin with holes in bottom. I’ve never had this happen. Any help would be appreciated******

Flowers on leaves do happen on occasion. I haven’t had one, but I’ve seen a few people who have.

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It’s the black marks. Should I remove them? Maybe transplant?

Not really sure what’s going on with that part. @Myfriendis410 might be able to help better. I’ve never seen that.

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I looked at leaf chart. Might be phosphorus just odd other plants same conditions and soil. Great site! I’ll keep reading.

No idea. Something that dropped on it outside?

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No but I removed 3 others like this incase it spread. The other leaves looked healthier than this one. This looks a little skinnier and a bit twisted. I just sprayed plant with dish soap and water I saw a couple white fly.I will keep an eye for spreading I moved them away from herd lol. They are about 3 1/2 feet high and just started. Ontario weather. It got cold and I don’t think my plants liked it humid also.

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Be careful of stuff sprayed on plants because it can burn leaves and possibly leave residual stuff you don’t want to smoke. Twisted narrow leaves is a sign of calcium def but nothing else appears to support that. If it’s been humid you may have developed some mold.

Growing outdoors in your climate is extraordinarily difficult due to the humidity and short grow season. You have to do everything you can to prevent White Powdery Mildew which will turn into bud rot before you know it. Mild peroxide and water (distilled) during twilight would be my first choice. Bugs should be treated with either Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew (Spinosad) or Safer Caterpillar Killer (BtK). Both benign bacteria that are lethal to pests. Won’t harm people or animals and can be sprayed up to the day of harvest.

Air flow is your best friend and if you can cover plants when it rains you will be ahead too.


Thanks so much! It’s same texture of leaf not hairy or layered on leaf. Geez I’ve grown for years and never seen this. Yah I sprayed it with really diluted dish soap, the whitefly doesn’t like it and I saw some gypsy moth on another plant. I’m going to use your advice and use peroxide, I used pink promix I’ll go get a probe tmw and check ph. For 15 years no problem, last year just one with powdery mildew. Thanks for your help.

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How much peroxide to 500ml 8 oz? Thanks.
Well I gave them a handful of bone meal put them in the middle of yard and sprayed them. This morning they looked really good! Dark staining is gone, I read here it might be phosphorus. White hairs coming from where I cut others from days ago??? New for me.
Thanks for everybody’s help!

Yo bud seems like you know a fair amount of leave deficiencies could you maybe tell what’s going on here
Another weird thing is it only seems to affect my sour diesel and not my gelato plants

Looks like in contact with damp soil in the past, causes leaf damage. I’d just remove leaves in contact with soil or media.

Are they in Pre-Flower?