Discussion on nutes for soil grow

Well the gold leaf turned out very well I fed her liquinox 0 10 10 15ml/gal and molasses 15 ml I am considering a pinch of blood meal th gl smelled real sweet I am curing now so my dear fellow farmer I am open to suggestions

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@garrigan62 is the man you need @Spud1

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What are you open to curing or is it nutrients I’m not quite clear on this but if it’s curing let me know I could help you out with that


Well both actually I am curing the gl now in a jar the plant smelled very sweet on the vine I am hoping I get that back during curing the NL is here

So I don’t want to overcome

Latest NL

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How long before I stop feeding I am figuring 2 weeks and start flushing

I wouldn’t call it much of a flush, but two weeks no nutes is the way to go.

Ya I was figuring the same 2 weeks with water no water for a week what do think about 24 hours of total dark

I’ve heard some around here do that. I normally just split the stem for 48 hrs.