Discussion about genetics and cloning

So has anyone Ever ordered a clone online? I’m currently down the rabbit hole of the thousands of genetics available. I want to grow the gas and not waste the minimal space I have to grow in on flower I will not be completely satisfied with. I mean alot goes into growing these plants, never mind the time consumption. However much joy it may or may not bring I still want to know what I’m growing. Now it seems like the only way you can garuntee this is growing from clones . If that’s not right please correct me cause I’m hoping it’s not. Now the question is do I have to go through the trouble of growing multiple seeds from different cultivars and reveg once I find something I like. There’s 3 out of 7 plants in my flower tent that I’m not happy with and I don’t want to keep going through only really liking one of my plants every run. I don’t really have the space for a mother so I want tonknow how everyone finds and keep their prized phenos? Has anyone ordered clones from strainly ?


Hey Matty, no need to open a new thread on every question. It makes it easier for the community to follow if you keep one journal going :love_you_gesture:


Maybe on the dark web. In many states, plants are illegal where seeds are not. I have seen clones in a dispensary in California, but I don’t know whether or not they were for sale.

Edit: Strainly ships to CA, but not to my state. Availability is limited by some states’ laws.

Theres a few places that sell clones online now. Genetic fanatics, King Kong clones, strainly just to name a few

They use the same loophole that seed banks do

What is the loophole?

They contain less the .3%thc I believe

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Are autos out of the question? Our first ever harvest took less than 110 days total on 3 plants.

Genetics. It is my understanding, for exact duplication of a plant, cloning is the ticket.

Seed produce same genectics, as explained to me, i have 2 brothers and a sister, we all have similar traights, but dont look alike yet have same mother father.

As for the rabbit hole, ILGM has 30%thc Dod si dos and Cake, Runtz and other flavors that come with insurance policy, guaranteed germination or replacement and a forum that whats to help you. Win win and no rabbit holes. Love my first ever banana kush, mamas :blush: me :blush:

I think it depends on how each individual state’s laws are written. A plant is a plant in my state, and you would be likely prosecuted for it if caught.

Not in my state . I’m guessing Ilgm still ships to your state. I’m not really concerned about the law I’ve sent pounds through the mail and tons of people I know do it on a regular basis.

Seeds contain no thc in shipping

Neither do clones

Possession of live plants in my state is prosecuted as felony distribution and carries a maximum 6-year sentence and $10,000 fine. THC or no THC. Industrial hemp with no THC is treated the same.

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I won’t be moving to your state . Haha . Which state are you in if you don’t mind me asking?

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I don’t care to share that in a public forum given the way the laws here are written. It’s draconian here.

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Completely understandable, that’s why I asked if you don’t mind.

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Midwest I’m gonna guess Kansas or Nebraska with those laws

I live in Brooklyn and we finally legalized recreational last year

There is active legislation, but some in state offices have said that they won’t legalize it in any form unless the federal laws change.