Discrepancies with strain information

I am about to start on my second grow. I will be out of seeds after this. I have been browsing the store and have found a few strains I would like to get. One strain in particular is black widow. On the store website this strain is listed as 60% indica 40% sativa. However, everywhere else I have done research on the strain it is referred to being a sativa dominant strain. I am curious as to why this information overlap exists?

I think different breeders have their own labs and strains like they keep messing with the strains and get better result sometimes, so if you go with breeder you getting that amouth etc , or it could be a typo , I would clarify directly with staff if posible this is just my understanding

Understood. However, as I was waiting for a reply I have found another place on the store site that said it is 65/35 indica/sativa. Directly under that in the chart it says that it is 50/50. So that makes three different ratios on the same sight for the same strain. If you search the black widow strain it’s main information page on the site says 60/40. If you read it’s information on the mix pack it says that it is 65/35 in the paragraph about it. However, directly below that it says it is 50/50.

Ooooo it’s cus that the widow pack bro , you looking at 3 different variants of the white widow - white widow - black widow and -chronic widow being the strongest with the 65%-35%

That’s actually one of the packs I’m looking into but be careful chronic widow it’s harder to grow in difference white widow easy to grow

I know that it has 3 different types but On the page it gives you information for each strain. On that strain specifically there are 3 different ratios on the site for it. On the mix page each strain in the mix has its own description and chart to go with it. Within black widow description it shows 2 different ratios. On the black widow main page for just that strain it lists yet a third ratio different from the other 2. The chronic widow and white widow have separate descriptions and charts on the mix page. So it must be a type, however if that is the case then which one of the 3 ratios is correct and which of the other 2 are typos?

I see chronic and black in both the description says 65-35 but on the actual chart it has black widow shows on the details 65-35 but it shoul say 50-50 as the chart reflects, good catch , you where obviously not baked when you caught this

Correct. And then if you navigate away from the mix page and go to the page that is just for black widow, that Chart says 60/40. So if you go with the chart then you have to decide if it is the 60/40 or the 50/50

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You’re going to have to email the store side of things for any clarification. Forum is not associated with seed store.

Practically, I’m not really sure it matters. Different phenos are going to be slightly different within the strain anyway. Likely covering the range of percentages listed. For what it’s worth the only black widow ive grown out so far is indica leaning.

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Keep reading. You will find more inconsistencies. They occur when they are part of a multi-strain pack. The main strain description will say one thing and the info under the multi-strain pack may have something slightly different. If I come across this I will usually rely on the strain info figuring it is most current and authoritative. I did this when I bought the Baking Mix. How can you go wrong with cookies, pie and cake. In the mix description of Cherry Pie it says “Cherry Pie is slightly susceptible to becoming hermaphroditic”. However it does not say this in the main description. It does mention stress issues though. I am now hesitant to grow cherry pie and probably would have picked a different mix had I read the mix description more carefully.