Discount codes for lights

I am ordering my light today and was wondering if you @dbrn32 know of any discount codes from HLG? Thanks

DIY10 or DUDE have worked for buyers recently. You can probably find other posts here with potential codes by searching the posts.

Btw if you order from ac infinity there’s a code for them too
I’m not sure what it is but I’m sure somebody will know it and post it

It would have saved me some cash had I known about it

Thank you

I already have that on the way. It should be here today or tomorrow. Seeds someday this week :clap:

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Acinfinty code Canabeard one N or two cant remember

Yes shortly. I am still undecided about the size of cloth bags to use any suggestions @Mr_Wormwood ? I am going to be using black gold organic. That is what I use for my outdoor plants and it worked well. Any thoughts on my plan.

I’m using 5 gallon and it’s a good size, not too big
In retrospect I might have gone with 3 gallon for my back not being what it was when I was a young buck

Both sizes are a good choice IMO
I personally wouldn’t go bigger than 5 gallon indoors, but some here have 7 gallon and it works fine for them

With 3 Gallon it takes less soil and that stuff is expensive so that might be something to consider

Now back to lighting. With a 600 Rcover 3 plants til done flowering? I don’t want to grow too many and not have enough light.

You bet, we can ask the light guy @dbrn32 , but I’m relatively sure it would

Depends on the space you intend to light

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Yup. So everything would depend on how big the 3 plants are.

You looking to do a tent(if so what size) ?

Or a grow room (determine the space in room you intend to light as lighting the whole room is impractical) figure out the footprint

And would you like to save money by connecting some wires? Would you like a prebuilt board tha has no assembly required?

How much do you have to spend?

These are all helpful in figuring out what’s best for you specific situation