Discoloured Leaves. Did I Diagnose Wrong?

Hey guys!

Grew out this feminized “Canuck Cookie” by Canuck Seeds outdoors in southern Ontario, Canada.

She’s growing in 60/40 mix of Fox Farm Happy Frog/Pro-Mix HP in a 25 gallon fabric pot.

With normal watering at a ph of 6.5 over time I noticed some calcium deficiency on her so I gave her a dose of cal-mend by Dutch Nutrients. the problem got worse.

So the inpatient ass that I am I gave her a small dose of grow formula at 1/5th the recommended dose also from Dutch nutrients.

From there it got even worse.

So I gave her a heavy flush thinking it’s in some sort of nutrient lock out.

Since then it’s been raining every other day or 2 so I haven’t been watering and the problem is still there.

Can anyone diagnose her? Thanks in advance! :pray:

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I suck at diagnosing but it looks like a combination of maybe calcium and nitrogen deficiency. Maybe a soil slurry test for pH? I’ll tag some people better at diagnosis than me.

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How old are the plants? Are they outside all day? How many hours of “Direct” sunlight do they get?
Remember leaves wont heal, so any damage you see has to be ignored when looking for a fix.
You have to watch new growth or the progress of damage over a few days.
Calcium excess can look very similar to deficiency. And adding more calcium can just make things worse.
If you are using tap water there may already be a significant amount of calcium in it.
And a pic of the entire plant would be helpful.

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Plant is starving to death.

Do you have a digital PH and TDS meter? If not; buy one. Apera is a good choice. Then do a runoff test to determine residual salt levels in media: I guarantee it’s depleted as Promix HP is nutrient free and HF is a weak soil. Probably should plan on dosing with cal mag as well due to the Mg def shown in one pic.