Discoloration problem can't figure it out

What’s this look like because I’m lost. Flushed thinking nute burn, light is 30 inches away thinking light burn. At 650-700 ppm in 5th week of veg.

Missing nitrogen - any calmag ?

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Magnesium deficiency. As @Randy_Marsh mentioned, calmag would be the solution.

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Didn’t add cal/mag this round because use well water. Just added calmag when you responded just to see

Was thinking maybe potassium/zinc. So in your opinion does light burn stand a chance lol. Just started using 1000hps. But I switched back to 600 thinking it was doing it

Root rot started this whole headache, I beat that. New roots growing great but this scenario continued

Why potassium? Zinc -.-? Isn’t she in veg?-old leaf won’t recover , new leaves will show improvement, I said it’s missing nitrogen , the calmag was a question if you where using ,

Just looking at deficiency charts it looked similar

Yeah those hps will bring up your heat like crazy maybe water got too warm and started creating mold , make sure to change every week - 1000 watt would had made your plant grow berry fast due to the output of light difference, anyhow does look pale pretty sure is missing nitrogen , what nutes are you using ?

Ok so I was keeping them in the 5-600 ppm range. I’m using the gn trio. It’s a 4 bucket 5 gallon each with res. They were doing great until a bubbler stopped working and I battled root rot. I beat the root rot. So thinking it was nitro deficient I upped the nutes to 700ppm. Just continued to get worse.

Where is you ph sitting at ?

I could be to low on nutes but I try to stick to the 50% rule. I’m very open to opinions

My ph stays at 6.1. I have pumps to keep consistent

Max temp 86

What ppm scale are you using 500, 650 or 700?

Was like 550-600. It’s now 700 with calmag

I’m sure the root rot fd them all up im just trying to get them back on track

Is 700 enough or should I up my ppm. So many opinions on ppm I just try to stay minimal

You should be at 6.8 and your ppm should be around 1000 to 1100

Wow, that’s way above all I read lol but that’s why I’m asking. To learn

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