Discoloration on seedling

Never seen this before, white streaks or light discoloration? Anyone know what I’m looking at here? 8 days old, Northern lights auto, FFOF soil, humidity 70%, temperature 73F, 600 W full spectrum LED 32" away.

I forget the word used to describe that look but I’ve had it on a couple and if that’s what it is it isn’t a concern. I don’t see the look as any deficiency or issue other than genetics and that word I can’t remember that describes that look

i have a NL auto that recently popped and the first leaves had the exact same thing in a few small spots but it is doing just fine.

Are you spraying anything on the leaves that might leave a residue?

Found the post I read the other day and the word is variegated

Maybe that’s what your seeing…

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Natural lighting to be sure. If you can.

Thank you guys! I also had this happen on an Onyx plant but it was only on the first set of leaves then it was fine. Thank you for the reassurance. I will snap some pics tonight in natural light when I get home.