Discoloration issue

Strain; Type, Bag seed, ILGM… name of strain: Clone, Sour D

Age from Sprout: Day 60 from transplant

*** Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco / Brand and type of Soil & Size of Pot:* 150L DWC Res using only Aqua Flakes A&B and Hydroguard.

How often do you water and how do you determine when to do so? Topped off daily as the plants consume 3-6 gallons of water per 24 hours. Using a 7 step RO system with the last step UV treating.

PH of water and runoff or solution in reservoir: 5.7 at night, 5.8 during the day. Slight drifts to 5.6 all the way to 6 at times.

What is strength of nutrient mix? PPM BlueLab 720, TrolMaster 450ppms. Continuous readings.

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor 5x5 tent

Light system, size and height from plants: Growers Choice ROI720 at 80% power. 36” from canopy currently.

Temps; Day 77-80f, night 72-75f

Humidity; Day, Night 45-60%

Ventilation system; 400cfm exhaust fan with carbon filter, 4 clip on fans

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: 10kbtu ac unit, humidity control available

Co2; No, however I am tracking ambient national Co2 levels in the tent. As the plants have gotten bigger, the levels have actually decreased significantly. During Veg the Co2 averages 800ppms with tent closed. Now, 2 weeks into 12/12 and the ppms drop as low as 400 with tent closed. Opening the tent and circulating the room helps keep the levels around the 600 range. No added Co2 though. Unless I find it won’t hold well above 400.

Devices: BlueLab guardian ph and ppm probes, Trol masters ph and ppm probes for redundancy. The probes are however completely encapsulated in the roots. I normally calibrate the probes every week, when changing the Res, however a few weeks ago the probes would not come out. As long as both are close to my desired value I think I’m okay ?

Water temp never above 67f

Complete Res changes every 7-10 days maximum

VPD .9-1.3

Leaf temp: 72-76f

Lux at canopy 35,000

Plants were at 1200ppms BlueLab during the last week of Veg. Each and every day throughout the ENTIRE veg cycle the Ppms on both meters dropped by about 30-100 points per day. The ph was rising with this number, and the plants haven’t drank less than a gallon of water per day since rooted. So no uptake issues.

I would raise by 50ppm every time it dropped atleast 50ppm in 24hrs.

Until it reached 1200 BlueLab, 800 TrolMaster. Then the ppm began to rise and ph started to drop. I attempted to dilute with water, and ended up well below what the plants were up taking during veg and before the change in feeding.

They were eating the 700/400 ppms in week 3 of Veg. And ppms were dropping like crazy then, with rapid growth everywhere.

Now we are 2 weeks into 12/12 and at a lower ppm and the ppms are steady finally again at 450/720. Yesterday they drank 6 gallons of water, and the ppm and ph remained exactly the same.

This is good??

However why the light green growth/spots?

It looks just like TMV even though I know there is no confirmed cases.

Plants are not slowing down

Pistols showed on day 11-12 of 12/12

Any advice? Any recommendations? Any improvements to be made ??

Thank you all.


Amazing roots :100:

I’m watching this.
I haven’t seen leaves do that .
I dont think it calmag problem.
Maybe the roots are too dark?


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Everything looks real good, the spots on the leaves is a genetic trait called leaf variegation. They’re susceptible to damage and deficiencies, but overall the plant will continue.


Like @Covertgrower, I have had several plants with this trait (variegation of the leaves). I agree that it is most likely a genetic anomaly.

Your plants look great!


@Covertgrower u mean even these plants can be variegated? Like I have variegated sedums an hosta or totally different

Certainly could. @Unknown

:+1::+1: That’s awesome I did not know that

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My last grow (harvested in January '20) I had one plant that was split down the middle, half was normal and the other half was variegated. This behavior persisted through the entire grow.


Outa likes but :+1: I haven’t seen that (yet) I have variegated plants all around the house an on beds I love the look of em just never with one on my girls


I have a Maui Wowie in my current grow that throws a partly variegated leaf every so often.

So it’s a trait that isn’t consistent?

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It’s kind of weird. Some have more than others, sometimes it’s just a fan leaf. Sugar leaves are affected too. @Unknown

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I’m sorry but that’s just awesome to me lol I’ve never had one can it bleed thought to flower IF u have sugars variegated?

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Yes you can @Unknown

I’m keeping an eye out for pathogen symptoms; I’m concerned with work coming from Royal Queen right now. This doesn’t look viral to me, because there variegation only, without malformed growth.

Is this your first run with this particular clone?

First off let me just say wow!! This site is great! I appreciate all the feedback.

I 100% Agree that it looks just like variegated.What causes this though?

Strain related ? Environmental?

I don’t think it’s a root issue as the roots as massive, clean and growing every second.

The plants are also growing at a ridiculous rate. I had to prune a few grocery bags full of branches and leaves nearly every other day!! They didn’t hesitate for 1 second.

I did my largest trim away at day 10 of 12/12 and the very next day the was white pistils all over.

Another trait that is different with this strain… the smell. The second and I mean the second this thing was rooted the wholleeee room reeked. Not the tent, the entire room surrounding the tent, it already had a 400cfm carbon filter. Now the whole house reeks, and I will be adding another 400 cfm… are some strains just uncontrollable?

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An welcome to the community, didn’t mean to stomp on ur thread. Plants do look amazing @2DeepNutrientCulture

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Did you notice any negative results with that harvest ?