Discoloration in the leaves

Hello, I have been friends with your company now for about 3 years. I have made several orders in a few different names and all but Ive enjoyed the customer support and fast delivery times practically on 90% of the orders.
My issue is that I have a new learning variable that I am faced with on this indoor grow.
I first started seeing a different type of discoloration in the leaves of 2-3 Skywalkers.
It started on some of the fan leaves. Lightening up fading and some leaves had a twist type thing going on in some of the leaves. They would turn like sideways. Not curl up or down. Not canoe or fraying. Now I have the same issue in some of my Bruce banners and granddaddy purps. It almost looks like there is brown necrosis on the parts of the leaf margins that have the veins running out to the edges of the leaves. As they mature they get yellow in eventually fall off. It is affecting the lower part of the plant worst. Whereas when I first noticed the issue it was up toward the top of the plant more I even had a few new Leaf sites try to die on me. It could have been a place that I pinch to leave but it seem like I remember in the beginning they were troubles with new leaves forming in the sites of the fan leafs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do not have anyone else to ask and I cannot afford to let anything go bad with my babies. Thank you very much for your help and as always customer support and everyone here has been very helpful. Have a great full afternoon and Blessings.

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Any help would be appreciated. I have started cal- mag as of two weeks ago.

If I am on the wrong form will you please tell me and guide me in the right way? I don’t want to make anyone upset.

Hi there, Have you checked for pests? Spider Mites come to mind. You can usually see VERY small brown or black dots on the underside of leaves. One test for them I read is to put a white sheet of paper under one or more leaves and then tap gently.

I had my Durban poison do something like the or similar it was a P and K but also they out grew a 5 gallon fabric pot. So if you don’t find pest may want to start looking at your nutes. Hope someone chimes in and clarify what it is causing this and please update us on your findings and health of your grow.

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Ok its not spider mites . . So thats good news right?

Anytime your plant is having issues the first thing you need to do is test the runoff for tds and ph.

In your particular case you appear to have a mobile deficiency as its starting at the bottom and will move upward. It looks like nitrogen and possibly calcium both.

Before just adding more nitrogen though it would be very help to know what is causing this because if you ph is out of range adding more is not going to help.

What is your growing medium? What stage of growth? Feeding schedule? Ph and tds?


Ok sorry for the late response. I appreciate people helping. I am thinking that it was ph or I have TMV. It looks and acts like it.

I have never had TMV in cannabis. I had them all inside. Things happened and I figured I would pot up to a 20 gal and slip them outside after taking 5 clones from each plant. Just as soon as I put them outside the insects ripped me a new one. They jumped on them like kids to candy. So thats wjere I have been. Fighting outdoors. Its been a few years since I have even tried outdoor and wow what a difference in the work. Fighting bugs!!! Started out this TMV is ruining this year. I got my seeds from ILGM. BB, Grand Purps, and Sky Kush. I have got the bugs under control. Its a big if how my harvest will be now. Bad thunderstorms this year have me pulling them under the covers once a week. They have started flowering but getting the bugs under control took some time, sacrifice and work. I didnt have them sprayed with neem when I took them outdoors. So the new growth isnt showing signs of tmv but I will inspect and update pictures asap. Thanks. Anyone else experience TMV?

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Thanks for the response.

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Thanks for the response

Thanks for the response. I appreciate it.