Discoloration in my leaves

Hello, I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with my plants. The leaves have recently began to lose color. The strain is Bergman’s gold leaf and I have been using the Bergman’s nutrient pack and following his directions. I’ve also been using fox farm happy frog potting soil. I know the issue I have been having is likely already addressed on here but for whatever reason I can’t seem to identify the issue. Perhaps the ph of my water? I haven’t tested it. Many thanks.

Have you given any nutrients?

Yes, I’ve given the Bergman nutrient pack, both for seedlings and the vegetative stage.

You should definitely test the pH of your runoff. I live in Northern CA and my tap water pH is like a 9 so has to be adjusted with pH up/down. You should buy a pH tester, I use this one. I’d also recommend testing your runoff for PPM and EC. I use this tool for that.

It’s possible your pH is too high which isn’t allowing the plant to eat (nutrient lockout). It doesn’t look like nutrient burn to me (which is the opposite problem), but note I am a newbie to this too.


whoa whoa whoa! Those plants are in pots outdoors! Did you recently put them outside in the sun? That looks like a plant that hasnt been hardened off correctly.

They’re in 5 gallon buckets and they’re only outside when it’s warm and sunny. They haven’t really been exposed to any harsh conditions.

I think you’re right. I should get one.

Watm and sunny is great if they have been hardened off. The same applies to tomatoes or any other plant that was started indoors under artificial light. The sun is very strong, way stronger than a grow light. Plants need to be introduced to it gradually to prevent leaf burn. Im not saying the other guy is wrong but that looks like classic sun scald