Discoloration in leaves first grow

so this is my first grow… i know im doing something wrong i just dont know what. i have several autos in seedling stage(thanks ILGM)
the plant in the picture is just a random bag seed i have culled the males and now im left with this plant and one other. theyre grown in roots organic soil with a little bit of ocean forest.
the new autos just so yall know are growing in happy frog.

Looks like Nitrogen deficiency.

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Are giving them any nutes? If not, time to start, they look hungry.

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How long have they been in their final pots/soil?
The new growth will be lighter green normally than the lower older growth.
That soil should keep them going for (depending on how fast they grow in size) 4-6 weeks or longer before addition nutrients are needed.

They do look like they could use some N
On the cheap if your healthy and not taking prescription meds etc you could piss in a cup and dilute with water 10:1 and water them for a quicker N.

What are you planning on feed them or the critters in the soil?


right now i have the fox farm trio and i just got some calmag. any suggestions with the fox farms?

shes been in there for about 2 1/2 weeks. just now starting to get hairs… i planted her on January 12th

Can’t help on those as I am running organic grows with natural nutrients.
I believe their web site has various feeing schedules posted for their products and most here recommend 1/2 of their recommendations on chart to start out with and go from there.

The soil they are in should provide them with nutrients for awhile longer.
What is the source of the water you are using?
Are you checking the Ph if it’s tap water?
If using RO water without nutrients you don’t have to check the Ph as RO will take the Ph of the soil and unles the soil is off you should be good when just using RO/distilled water. If tap check Ph before using and adjust if necessary to around 6.5 also make sure that your removing Chlorine from tap first by sitting in bucket overnight or bubbling in bucket vigorously for several hours.

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i use tap water an i just learned about letting the water sit for a while befor using it. when i first started having problems i flushed them all out with ph water. i just added some nitrogen to it ill post a pic here in a couple of days to see if she gets better

Forgot to mention there could also be Chloramine in the water supply too. This also needs removed if present and that won’t dissipate like chlorine will and best way to know if it has it is to go online to your city/county water supply facility and they will have reports on water quality as well as what they treat the water with posted there.

Also if using tap water in a humidifier it can more quickly coat and clog the prefilter covering the charcoal filter on your inline fan if you use one as well as coating your furnace filter and coating well everything lol so I use mostly RO water for that too.
I had to clean the pre filter with water etc every month or so to keep temps down as well as replace furnace filter every month or so…now I don’t have to as often.

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If you used only or mostly ocean forest soil, you would not need any nutes for 3 or 4 weeks but if most of it is the roots organic, than I can see where your plants are hungry for nitrogen at this point.

do you think it would just be best to get a RO filter? and if its RO do i need to PH it?
never mind on the PH i thought you had said something earlier about it and you did.

Everyone’s situation is different so you’ll want to decide that.
I started with tap water and had to Ph it down each time as it is around 7.8-8.2 so used citric acid which is cheap and doesn’t harm the critters in the living soil.
I also am happy with using RO not having to Ph it when using just water. Also it’s a plus for running my humidifiers and not having that mineral dust coating everything.
Using RO sometimes requires adding calcium and magnesium to the water if your soil mix doesn’t have enough in it already. I do normally add some Epsom salt to the water about 1tsp to 2tsp per gallon which gives both magnesium and sulfur. Calcium can be added using various amendments such as dolomite lime or crushed oyster shells or crushed egg shells mixed with vinegar creating a calcium solution.
There are also organic and non organic products that are available as well. Just remember they often reference Cal/Mag (calcium and magnesium) again those are 2 separate nutrients that you may need one or the other or both.

Hope this helps

is it okay to use the General Hydroponics for my waters ph level?image

You can if you want but it is more expensive than using citric acid and it’s not friendly to the critters in the soil. I started out using that and have most of it left after doing some research and since then use citric acid found at the grocery store in the canning section and a $5 bottle has lasted me for 30 something plants and only half gone. As I don’t adjust Ph much anymore I rarely use it but I have it when needed.

The thing you’ll want to decide moving forward is if you’ll be growing organic or not. In other words feeding the soil critters that then break things down and feed the plants or if you’ll be using man made nutrients that feed the plants and normally are detrimental to the living soil critters.

Using citric acid to lower tap Ph from 7.8 to 6.5 only takes about 1/4 of a 1/4 Tsp of it per gallon of water.

can i see some pictures of your plants?

Here is link to my first grow journal

And subsequent grows all in this journal

I have other topics I’ve started relating to organic methods etc.
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hell yeah! thank you

anyone help first time grower not feeding any nutes

that looks like mag deficiency

Thank you what I was thinking too wasn’t 100 percent sure and I also been using fox farms ocean soil these plants haven’t been feed yet what would be a good ppm in my solution I’m using big bloom only