Discoloration I haven't seen before

New to the forum so hello!

This is my 4th grow, and I haven’t seen anything like this except another thread here that wasn’t really helpful. Curious to what this is and if I need to worry about it?

Grow Specs?:
Wedding cake strain

1 month old

1 gallon pot

Roots Organic Soil

I’ve not given them nutrients yet, they got transplanted into this pot 2 weeks ago and figured the new soil was enough. Maybe I’m wrong?

Water is always ph to 6.5(nothing fancy, just faucet water from a well and ph down from 7. As close to room temp as I can get it.)

2 Mars Hydro ts1000 lights, 2 feet away, 6am-12am

5x5 grow tent

temp is 75, humidity is 60-70%

If any other info is required, let me know and I can provide!


Welcome, not sure on your problem but alot of great help here.

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Hello stone cold!! Drop humidity to about 30% !! They are sweating out nutrients and the humidity is not letting the plants open to release their water build up in the leaves!! Add a fan anove plants not directly hitting plants get the air mixing up.in there!! Try ph at 5.5 well water has a lot of ppm in it out of the well so you ec will be a anlittle high out of the well!! They look healthy!

Nitrients from the soil that is!! I know u have added nothing yet!!

Welcome to the forum growmie!!! Did you possibly leave a few drops of water on the leaves? Also, what is the pH of your runoff? Other than that, looking good bro. Keep rockin’ it!!!:+1:t3::love_you_gesture:t3::v:t3::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree:

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Maybe some sorts of a variegation but let the experts chime in

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Here is an example on one of mine

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And Welcome to the community …

It’s normal leaf variegation. Nothing to worry about.


Welcome to the forum. I agree with @MidwestGuy 100%, and I know many people end up creating problems trying to correct problems that don’t exist. Don’t take corrective action when there’s nothing to correct.


I’m all out of love lol

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Plants look good ! I’m with @MidwestGuy see Nothing to worry about. I have seen this a few times with my plants. Welcome to the community.


Welcome. And idk. Lol. I wouldn’t worry too much though. Your pants look great. Time to top em.

Here was one of mine with variegation. It turned out to the #2 producer on my grow that round.

It’s purely cosmetic.


It is pretty neat to see I’m always in an awe when it happens

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Yo thank you guys for the replies and welcomes :slight_smile:

I’m glad it’s not something serious, it happened overnight so thought it was weird. There’s even some more now on a different leaf that happened last night. Hope it looks cool in the end lol