Discarded leafs

Is their any use for the leafs that are cut off when defoliating

If you have enough of them or they are covered in resin, then you can make hash with them.

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Dry sift for blonde, if it’s green discard

What does that mean I’m new to this

Use dry ice and micron shaker bags to shake off the trichomes from the leaves.

Blonde color is sign of trichomes

Green is vegetation

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The shade leaves normally have zero resin on them, I mulch them.


They can be fun to experiment with but are basically useless…:>)

@AAA I asked for a wood chipper/ leaf mulcher for Christmas… all I got was this stupid t-shirt

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that’s funny! Sounds like a t shirt slogan from the 70’s

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If you are into juicing or using them to cook with, they are more nutrient dense than kale and are good for you to eat :wink::v::bear:

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