Discard male plants?

A question from a fellow grower:

I am using a Hydro System 6 plants
I planted 3 White Widow and 3 Skunk from my order.

Now that germination is over and we have transitioned to flowering
2 of the white widow plants are distinctly male.

The third plant is not showing male characteristics yet.

My Plants are doing well but disappointed that 2 white widows have
greenish yellow egg like buds/testicles.
These two are together on 1 side of my 6 plant system.

Should I discard these MALE plants to keep them from
disrupting the Good female skunk plants

Yes get rid of em immediately,unless you want your females to have seeds


I agree with Cash. If you are certain, that those 2 plants are forming pollen sacks, then you need to cull them; Unless you want to breed seeds. :slight_smile: Happy Growing