Disaster strikes!


What a juggling act! I have 6 plants, per the law. Two I put in to flower. I scheduled them around a trip to the U.K. in June so they would be done and hanging by the time we leave. The other 4 were going to stay outside all summer long and flower naturally.

That went out the window when we looked at our outside plants and they were budding! Unfortunately the days are getting longer so they have to come inside. My box will only hold 2 mature plants. So, time to upgrade. I ended up building a 4’ X 6’ X 6’ box to house the girls. Here’s the result of 2 days of labor


I might be inclined to put them back outside to go back in to reveg and turn into monster trees , with maybe a hundred gallon smart pot and some good soil… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


My fear is that they wold go herm on me. So I’ll let them flower, as that’s what they want to do anyway.


not to shabby @Myfriendis410,looks good!


Looking mighty good, I would chose one and do what @peachfuzz said, if all goes well, you will need chainsaw to harvest it…:slight_smile:


Very nice and at that size you should still come out with a well above average yield. Good luck and great job


So now I’m thinking of adding another 1,000 watt LED to my indoor setup. 24 square feet with 2,900 rated watts in there now. Probably drawing 900 to 1,100 actual watts.


Absolutely beautiful dude, I love it!



I did add another 1,000 watt in place of one of the 300 watt. So, 3,600 watts of led. Probably around 1,200 actual.


Dope looking plants


The first two are hanging upside down.


that is really how we like em’ @Myfriendis410 hanging upside down…lol


@Myfriendis410, Hopefully you won’t be gone too long. Maybe have a family member babysit while you’re gone. Good luck getting everything to fall right into place.