Disaster preparedness question & thoughts

Hi all - I’m about 1/4 mile from the Gulf (not on pilings - about 9’ above sea level) and trying to include a cannaplan for plants in the event of long-lasting (more than a few hours) power outages and/or flooding. I don’t have a generator here so it might be as simple (yea, right) as get them out of the tents and switch to an outdoor grow on the fly. What do you all have planned if a storm or other man-made disaster takes power or other infrastructure out?

Thanks in advance - have a great weekend.


We don’t have flooding here but we do have occasional power outages. Extended dark periods are not a problem for weed so long as it doesn’t happen very often.


I’m just as far from the gulf. Like midwestguy said, extra dark won’t hurt. The main issue will be temp and rh spikes after a storm. Open windows for ventilation since it’s usually a pretty breezy after a storm. I almost went into convulsions my first grow, we lost power for like 3 days.


got hot in here with the power off last night but the ladies are good. i got a generator though, so i need to buy more extention cords. I will.soon invest in a house generator. Storm shelter 1st lmao


We live on a mountain so flooding is not an issue. Occasional power outages to occur but not often enough to warrant a generator.

My cannabis disaster plan is to always have enough stash that I can survive a couple of lost grows. Not much of a plan.


I’d be ok with the former piece of that plan, although I’d be catatonic about the latter. :rofl: I have a card in the worst case. I just hate the thought of losing the plants after all the BS&T so I figured I’d try to make a plan B in advance. I might need to get on here and call all growmies to come get some… :rofl:


Have thought about winds damaging the rv and exposing the tiny grow to diaster relief if needed to be rescued. I am willing risk my clean past to a lawyer and no jail time.

We have generator, that issue is covered. Generators are cheap. I like Merlins idea, would love to get ahead on stash so down time is never an issue.

Great thought provoker, everyone should think about all safety issues, fire, mother nature, and such.


Really the only thing here that could affect the grow is power and now we have a generator wired for whole house power and plenty of fuel so we feel were good to go.