Disappointed -- autoflower or nahh?

Hello there my growing friends,

I made an original post and after some time I think we have decided that these are NOT an auto flower. They are now about 55 inches tall and have not even tried to start flowering yet.
See pictures attached

They are growing so tall that they are now experiencing severe light burn. We originally planted these seeds on 3/27/2020 and still not a single flower. They have outgrown their tent and we have had to upgrade lights and put a lot of unexpected money into even being able to keep up with these ladies growth.

We have a growing friend who recommended that we flip these to 12/12 light cycle and see what happens.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed that we bought feminized auto flowers and had confirmed with ilovegrowingmarijuana that they were in fact feminized autos.

Being a new grower it has been a difficult ride trying to figure out what these ladies are doing and its been a long haul. I had also bought a mix pack of “feminized autoflowers” from ilovegrowinglarijuana and now I am very skeptical to plant them that they are not what we thought we had purchased.

Any advice on if you think we should switch them to 12/12 and see what happens? Or will that risk ruining these girls? I dont know what to do!

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I’d flip the lights and cut about half off them, possibly make clones fir all your friends and then some :wink:
They will surely double in size after the flip, so take that into consideration.


Seed mix-ups are rare for this site, if you contact customer service, they will make it right.

What do you mean feminized autos? Autos are feminized, feminized are just female photos. What was the name of the pack you bought?

If you flip to 12/12 and already have light burn, the girls will double in size during stretch, if the seeds are photos…


Basically 3 options as I see it…

  1. Upgrade again. (At significant cost)
  2. Finish them outside. (Only viable if legal in your area)
  3. Top and LST the everloving daylights out of them. Then defoliate some and strip potential bud sites on the lower nodes. (I like @VTGROW’s idea of basically cutting them in half and taking a lot of clones.

I am a relative newbie, so I do say this with upmost respect, @Zee all autos are feminised? So there is no such thing as an auto male plant? I purchased my seeds from seedsman.com. And I thought I seen “auto regular seeds” on the website. Am I missing something?

i had autos on my first grow. they vegged for 15 weeks and got huge. it was all pilot error on my part. they harvested really great weed. i flipped them and ran them with photos. the next seeds out of same package did what autos are supposed to do. so let it roll

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Probably not a seed mix up, just recessive auto genetics that running extended light time kept them in veg.

I think I would top them down to size you can work with and go to 12/12.


I would do #3 :blush:

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Me too, but then again, I’m not quite right in the head. lol

If there was time and space for them to recover I would mainline or manifold a couple of them, but I think they’re beyond that now.

Ah just pull them down with some straps and let them go. @MrPeat style who says a tent resistricts size. Lol


Well a tent does restrict size. Especially growing Sativa dominant strains.

OP…I love the jungle. :+1::+1::+1:


I had a white widow Auto that beds for three months and flowered for 3 months I did a lot of tying down in a lot of super cropping

They have regular autoflowers.


Am aware, ILGM doesn’t sell them. But the story changed anyways, doesn’t matter.

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