Dirt Grower to Hydro to Autoflower

I’m new here so I wanted to share a little about my Autoflower growth.

Seeds from ILGM Mix Pack:
Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, and Gorilla Glue.

Indoor VIVOSUN 48"x24"x60" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

2x- Phlizon Newest 1200W LED Plant Grow Light

1x SPIDER FARMER SF-2000 LED Grow Light

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Grow Flow Ebb & GRO

Mother Earth Pro Mixed Coco Coir Plus Perlite Potting Soil

General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro

Advanced Nutrients 8550-14AB pH Perfect Sensi Grow Coco Part A+B

Advanced Nutrients 6360-14 Sensi Cal Mag Xtra

Hanna Instruments HI 9813-6N Waterproof pH/EC/TDS Temperature Meter

**RCYAGO Water Quality Tester, 7 in1 Multi-Parameter Water Testing Meter Digital LCD Multi-Function Water Quality Monitor ORP/pH/RH/EC/CF/TDS(PPM) / Temp Salt Analyzer**

Bluelab MONGUA Guardian Monitor for pH, Temperature, and Conductivity

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller - Ventilation Exhaust

AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 4" with Premium Australian Virgin Charcoal, for Inline Duct Fan

2x Hurricane Classic Clip Fan 6 inch

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I started germination in water with all 3 varieties, one of each, a 24-hour soak, and then the paper towel method. Only Bruce Banner jumped to the show. I moved the GSC & GG seeds to dirt.
Both GSC & GG popped up but didn’t look great. I placed both in CoCo Pellets and continued to have some hope.

I started the second set of all 3 varieties in a water peroxide solution. That’s when the fun began.
I had one seed show what I thought was fungus. Turned out to be a double and the separated and I planted it in dirt and got a seedling.
Anther of the 3 seeds actually split into 3 and they are in dirt as I write this.

Sorry for the delay, 3 hour wait time for too many posts:)
and had to reformat pic to fit here, I had all Hi-Res photos.

I keep getting an error that files are larger than 80 megapixels
files I’m trying to upload are less than 10meg.

any advice

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Overhead view of BB and I think Gorilla Glue-min

I think this is GSC - Maybe on of the triplet's-min

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You have very reliable tool should be an easy grow , love hydro just don’t have the space to actually settle in , good luck

Bruce looked better before net)-min

SCROG in progress-min

SCROG started-min




I just have problems with your burple might hold you back

The truth is, I’m lazy and busy. So the easier I can make the grow the better.

I went from 4x8 to 4x4, I’m lazy and very busy, so the easier I can make it the better.

These are autoflowers, but next grow will be Fems for better control.
It look like I can only do 2 plants at a time in this size tent.
I picked up a 4x2x48 to make clones, this way I can keep the good ones going.

I have the Burps for flowering, they were there at the stat with the spider.
I have replaced them with a 4000 spider today.
I’ll see If I can get a pic of the new setup later.

O then you are set , is that an auto pot ? I’m confused on the hydro side , how does this work ?

Hydrofarm EBB system, I only have 6 pots on, but can do 12.
I’m going to take it down to 3 pots as I think that’s all a 4x4 can effectively work with.

Here is the new light setup I did to day.

Lights are off at the moment, those are my work lights that are on, LED Strips all around.

todays training update
20210519_101933todays Update pics
20210519_102036todays Update pics

Just a quick update:
VideoToPhoto 637579771652053179
VideoToPhoto 637579773764494389

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quick update,
I was not prepared to do a proper journal for this grow.
Next will be very good and complete.
For now, here is an update on this grow!
Greenhouse_left_2021-06-03T11_04_38-0400 02
![Greenhouse_left_2021-06-03T11_04_38-0400 06|640x360]
Greenhouse_right_2021-06-03T14_01_12-0400 01
![Greenhouse_right_2021-06-03T14_01_12-0400 08|640x360]
top_left_2021-06-02T18_59_18-0400 01
top_left_2021-06-02T18_59_18-0400 23
top_left_2021-06-02T18_59_18-0400 49
large one is Bruce Banner at 6 weeks.
the others, GSC & GG at about 3weeks

Switched to 12/12 on June 6
Nutes are at 1020 ppm ph 5.5

I have a few still small but was inspired by another post on Bonsai.

top_right_2021-06-07T16_12_48-0400 39

top_left_2021-06-02T18_59_18-0400 43