Directions say to flush for a week, what does this mean?


Does that mean you should only water, or should I run gallons of water through then wait a week to harvest ?


Flush just means use clean water. No more fertilizers of any kind. Follow your regular watering schedule and amounts.

Frankly, I’d do it for two weeks. It cleans out all the fertilizers and additives and leaves behind a better, more pure product.


Thanks, that’s kinda what I thought but wasn’t sure. Now I am . :slight_smile:


Somebody brought up a great point a little while ago.
They said, "why do we flush marijuana when close to harvest, but farmers would never flush their crops before harvest. And we eat those crops and never say, hey this taste like chemicals."
Food for thought. I’ll always flush my weed, makes sense to me. But I think this is a good discussion to open up.
And I don’t mean just using plain water, I mean a true flush. Running 3x your container size of water through your pot.

Even for me, in my garden of fruits and veggies, I use Miracle Grow for the garden, but I never flush anything. Ever. And my produce never taste of anything other than delicious.


Farmers don’t refer to it as flushing. They stop fertilizing of any kind though about 3 weeks before harvest.


Ahh I see. Makes sense then


Farmers are old school, bud. They don’t make up a name for not doing something. :wink:


Good thought.