Direction of ventilation fan

I am a first time grower and have a few questions.

1.) I am using a 2Wx4Lx6H grow tent with a couple of 4" vent ports and a 4" fan with 4 plants of different strains in soil pots. Should I be blowing air in from the top or bottom or should I be sucking air out (also top or bottom)? I am using 300W flouresctent grow light set up with 4 bulbs (6000 Lumen) Odor or secrecy should not really be a big worry for me I don’t think as personal growing is legal in my state.

2.) Is it OK to grow diffent strains in one area? One is auto fllowering

3.) I am in a cold/dry winter climate so is a small humidifier in the tent a must?

4.) Is swithching to HM light during flowering a must?

Very much a rookie and would like to do it right.

You want to pull air out from the top this will remove heat and the passive vent on bottom can be opened or closed as needed to maintain temps but one should always be opened a little so you have good air flow through tent also you should put a second fan in tent (small ) to help move air
Hope this helps @boatman
Yes you’ll probably want to get a humidifier if your in a dry cold climate
I’ll leave lighting questions for someone else I use leds for full grow myself I can tell you that you want 50 watts per square foot with whatever light you use

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@boatman. Welcome to the ilgm forum. Lots of good folks here willing to help out.

I’m only going to comment of one part of your question as I’m a newbie myself and that is growing an auto flowering and a photo plant in the same grow.

I would say you can as the auto usually has a short veg time and then goes to flower without a light change. A photo will stay in veg, and grow bigger until it is switched to a 12/12 light cycle. Hope that helps with that part?!

Happy growing!

Glad we didn’t answer the same sections lmao @Countryboyjvd1971

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Mh is for veg stage, while hps is more red spectrum and for flower