Direct sunlight in-direct sunlight

Hi everyone, My plants are getting about 5 hours of direct sunlight. The rest of the day is in-Direct sunlight. I only have 2 plants, and One of my plants I think is doing pretty good. The other one is bigger but less production, there still early in budding stage. There both Blue Dream aswell, and The only nutes I have at the moment is fox farm grow big 3-2-6. What do you guys think I should do? Overall plants are really heathy, just don’t know what to do about budding.

Ps. I’m a first time grower, any advise would be amazing.

Forgot to say it is August 24th and I’m in the Bay Area, Ca. The shade just starts to hit them about 11:45 A.m. Roughly. The pic is of my smaller plant.

That top picture looks like it is having some problems. Or is it the light, it looks like it got some powdery mildew Going on the lower leaves. I’m not sure about the light problem.

Plant 1 looks like it is asking to be fed by turning yellow. I see no other issue. Not much you can do. Not sure what you sure asking either. The only thing I can advise for the plants to get more light is for you to set up some sort of reflective barrier to reflect extra light to the area.

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There’s a small cobweb stuck to one of the leafs and the powdery stuff ur talking about that was my fault from watering it was splashing a little but and it’s just a light layer of dirt I took the pic like a couple min after I watered lol :smile:

For budding you will need the fox farm tiger bloom to help enhance the flowering , it’s the third part of the fox farm trio .

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