Direct sunlight advice

Im trying an outdoor grow for the first time. My problem is the best place to grow them on my property (out of site , ph in soil perfect , and morning sun) only gets direct sunlight for about 8 hours … then its indirect for the next 5 hours. Will this be enough sunlight for my plants to grow and produce any kind of decent yield? Im in south louisiana so it gets crazy hot here , the hottest part of the day will be the part my plants miss out on. It isnt uncommon for temps to reach 115 f. With 100% humidity in mid to late summer.

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I think that should be enough. I think I get about the same, although never actually timed it.

8 hours of direct sunlight is plenty. I’m in the pacific NW and get about 7 hours direct sun and grow I monsters every year.

It is best to not be in the direct sun in the hottest part of the day with crazy heat like that.

My best advice… Dig nice holes 30” round by 30” and fill with great soil. Fox farms ocean forest is primo.

I’m sure black gold would be fine too.

PH your water to 6.25 to 6.75

Forget about growing in pots in that heat. Your plants will thank you


Thank you , i feel much better about this. For my plants outside , im with you …i had planned to grow straight from the ground. And thank you for the soil advice. Ive not heard of those brands but im sure anything can be ordered these days. Ive always grown inside where i can control everything. This outdoors thing has me a bit nervous. Im so glad robert has this forum site. It definately keeps my bloodpressure in check.

Start your plants in 3 gallon pots then transplant by cutting off the bottom of the pot. The pot will act as a termite barrier and a funnel for your water. Sprinkle cayanne pepper around the area and throw a few mothballs in the bushes to deter animals. If it gets 115 in your area you don’t want 8 hrs of direct sunlight.



Dude, where do you live? By the way it’s almost impossible to be 100F and 100% humidity. 70% humidity at that temperature would be reasonable

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I have a buddy who spends time in Puerto Rico and they do a lot of medicinal growing on the island. They call Fire Fuego. You should explore what sativa strains they grow because they likely have similar weather as you described.

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Youve obviousely never stayed in louisiana . Our humidity here varies from (and these are daily averages) it starts out at between 88 to 95% humidity EVERY morning . Then by afternoon its fallen to between 70 to 80% by evening it may go as low as 59%. But , every single morning without fail , its back at 90%. And those are averages…it does go higher depending on what time its going to rain. And seriousely , 10 minutes after it rains here in mid summer …its hard to breathe.


Thank you , ill do that

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That’s my point.

The RH is high when the temperature is relatively low. but when it’s 100F it cannot be 100% humidity. Common misconception. But I get your point too!!

But we’re just talking semantics because I know it’s supposed to be gawd awful sticky and hot down yonder in the lowlands.

Don’t know bout that. I once walked and swam from a Cane field in Thibodoux Louisiana all the way to Houma surveying with a Cajun crazy nut for an airboat driver shooting snakes around me in the water with a 22…

Frequently after rain in South Louisiana or Hell as I called it it would be 95 with 100 percent humidity. Like every dang day in August. I wore those bars out at night trying to get rehydrated🤣

Nice to meet ya.


@Purdyboi65 I feel ya my brother I’m in Memphis and I know the humidity can knock ya out. I think thats going to be your biggest prob. Humidity means mold and thats not cool. Look into a greenhouse and a dehumidifier if it gets out of hand. BTW the coldest I ever was, was in Biloxi it got down to 32 degrees and 100% humidity, it was like walking through ice. I was at Kessler AFB.

Fortunately, I took that into consideration with the strains I picked to grow. They should do well. The seeds they sent free for the larger purchase on the other hand is very susceptible to to mold desease…so im currently building a grow center inside my barn so that I can completely control everything about the moisture it will be exposed to.

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Hi all,
I’m a bit nervous my plants won’t get enough sun. I have 90% indica strain plants growing on my deck in the north east USA. I get exactly 5 1/2 to 6 hours of direct hot sunlight on my plants. 9:30-3:00. The rest is shaded by the trees. Is this enough Sun or am I going to have weak tiny buds?

@Tbusch 6 hrs directly on them will fire up the photosynthesis machine and then the ambient light will have to finish the job. I grew outdoors in MD last summer under basically the same conditions and the plants definitely got the job done. Trust the process, they’ll make you proud!

I think you’ll be good.