Dip stick for net pot/DWC?


Any reason not to use a dip stick to measure water height? There is a lot of surface to drill a small hole in the cover part.
I have a plain bucket and don’t want to get an external tube to check water.


I slide my bucket lids to check level since I am also checking ph and ppm as well as root health a dipstick or gauge on outside of bucket would only promote me getting lazy and not keeping good vigil


Is there a reason you don’t want the tube on the outside of the bucket, besides maybe what Donaldj has stated?



An easier to achieve system…getting dark tubing (to block light), the few, assorted pieces to assemble it…being lazy, I guess.
Seems I can accomplish measuring water depth…simpler.
But what Donaldj says is true, if I’ll be lifting the lid for temp and ph, I am making a problem where there is none.


I haven’t started using my DWC set up and I’m trying to make it easier for me already. I don’t like the idea of a tube on the side…I would tear it out accidentally, it is unnecessary light infiltration.

My dream system would have a bucket with sensors and a net pot/cover with a chip to read them.
Water depth, temperature, pH, tds, right on the lid, 24/7.


I thought one of your concerns might be the light. If you notice the complete “water farm” comes with one, and so does the kit to turn your average black 5 gallon bucket into a “water farm” with the appropriate 5 gallon bucket net pot lid…




Also the complete DWC bucket kit with airpump, but without the airlift top drip kit, it still has the side tube.

The reason I show you all of these, is they do kind of become useful and important, and this is why they are almost always on a bucket system. They make reservoir changes easier, and they make access to the reservoir possible even if you have your plant under a ScrOG.

The ScrOG is probably the most important reason to have the side tube, as you wouldn’t be able to lift the bucket lid off the top to access the reservoir. But even without a ScrOG, the plants can get pretty heavy and it might be useful to not have to take the top off the bucket.

Also you can pour a little out this tube regularly to test the reservoir for pH or EC/TDS/PPM.

I still use them on my bucket systems but I have a light proof sleeve that slides over them and holds them to the bucket made out of some thin black pipe with a black cap on one end. You just slide the black pipe up to see the water level, and remove it altogether if you need to bend the tube to draw from for testing or emptying the bucket.

I usually fill a cup, and then poor that cup through the top clay pebbles, then refill the cup fresh, to be sure I’'m getting a sample from deeper in the bucket and not just reading the conditions in the tube. It does come in quite handy in many different ways, and especially during the reservoir changes or the “flush”. You might even use this grommet connection to create a multi bucket recirculating system sometime down the road.

Kind of like this:




this is why you are…The Science Officer…

I will upgrade my buckets, the 4 I have, and probably have enuff materials for a few more for my next grow when I try 3 plants. It makes sense for larger plants. The lite tite cover on the tubing is a good solution.



Hey @macgyverstoner I literally just set up my first DWC bucket system, and I actually bought the GH Farm Kit. I made my own bucket and installed the farm kit on it. So now it’s a drip system DWC bubbler bucket system. I also bought the pre made system you shared a link to as well! Haven’t received it just yet, but I’m excited to start growing hydro! I can definitely say I would recommend the drip system kit for people. It’s so easy and simple to add to your bucket, and really cheap! Definitely recommend to anyone thinking about buying it, do it, you’ll love it.