Dimming your leds percentage

So I’m hearing of ppl doing 11/13 when flowering or even 10/14 not sure on this? But I’d like to know on my dimmer for ts1000 should I be changing the % of light when in flower stage should I be on 100% light 1st 2/3 weeks then half on to weeks 4/8 so on 1st with a dimmer control.?

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I’ll give this a try, but don’t want to make it overly complicated.

There is something called Daily Light Integral (DLI) which measures the amount of light your plant receives over a 24 hour period. The DLI requirements are highest during veg, but are easier to obtain because of more hours of light. When your lights are on 18 hours a day it’s easier to reach the desired DLI then when the lights are on only 12 hours a day.

There was a recent thread on DLI that had a graph showing the optimum DLI and how much light was required to meet those requirements.

The best investment you can make when using a natural light quantum board is a phone app that measures the amount of light your plants are receiving. I have an iPhone and used an app called Photone that measures PPFD or the amount of light per second. I compared it to a professional PAR meter and the phone app was very close.

If you get an app that measures PPFD you want seedlings grown between 200-300 PPFD, veg needs 400-700 with 18 hours of light, highest as approaching flower, and assuming 12 hours of light during flower, 600-800 PPFD in flower, the highest during mid flower. Fewer hours per day of light require even higher levels of PPFD. If you find the original thread there is a formula for calculating what is needed regardless of how many hours of light you give it.

With an inexpensive app you can eliminate all guessing.

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