Dimming lights to control heat?

I installed a Cloudline T6 to replace the vivosun fan that was in my tent. The T6 has a controller that also reads temp and humidity. The temp probe on the T6 is extremely sensitive and clued me into the fact that my tent is getting too hot sometimes. To help control the heat issue I’ve turned my lights down to about 80-90% max which has brought the temp in my tent down to a more reasonable temp 79* from 85*. After doing some research I found an article that states that the color spectrum doesn’t change when you dim an LED. So my question is which is more important amount of light or spectrum? And is this a viable way to control heat issues? Any indoor growers in Tejas might be helpful with this subject.

If it was me I would want my light at full power during flowering. Can you move your ballast out side your tent


Yeah I can but it will take a little rewiring. Leads from light to driver are too short. It’s something on my to do list. Just moved tent into a cooler room in the house and was going to put drivers outside but time to do it was not available. Thanks!

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Depends on quantifiable amount of deviation. I would rather have the right amount of light first, ideal light spectrum second.