Dimming LD light as days get shorter?

Does anybody dim their LED light as the days get shorter? This question just occurred to me as I was looking at my lighted tent a few minutes ago. I mean, we change the “daylight” hours from 18/6 to 12/12 in order to mimic the real world, but in the real world the quality of the daylight is also less direct, so I was wondering if anybody else thought of dimming their LEDs as well as cutting back the hours.

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I typically cut hours in the last few weeks. Really seems to help them ripen up plus helps prevent foxtails.


The only reason I would dial down my light during flower is to manage foxtails.


What they said! :point_up_2:


Thanks all. I don’t have any foxtails so I will keep my light where it is.


You cutting them below 12/12?

I’ve found that last year reducing my lights from 18/6 to 16/8 then 14/10 then 12/12 led to slightly more yield and flowers on time. I plan on doing it again next year after I run one this winter on 12/12 and see what worked the best.

I see you have also been running different light schedules 6/2 which I find interesting

I run 6/2 in veg. I hit them with 12/12 until the last few weeks. Then I’ll drop to 11/13 then 10/14.

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@BobbyDigital You writing all this down? My problem is I keep doing different strains but I’m gonna run two and compare with Blue Skunk. If the 6/2 let’s them rebound a bit are you noticing more growth hence more yield at the end? It’s just hard for me to say for sure that lowering the lights schedule gradually produced more yield because I used different strains but it sure seemed to with my blue dream.

Makes sense to me because that’s the way it’s done in nature and by going to 12/12 from jump means less hours of light.

I just wish I had the wriiten proof on the same strain using the old method and the gradual reduction of light

I rarely grow the same strain. I may have repeated 3 or 4 strains so far. It’s not that I see better growth with 6/2, it’s really to help keep the heat down in the Texas heat. Even with the house set to 73, the grow room can reach 90* running 18 straight hours. On 6/2 it hits 84 at the highest. As for lessening the light hours, it’s not for a yield increase. I do this after their final swell. It’s really to reduce the chance at late flower foxtails and for them to start spitting out some amber triches.

I see makes sense. I had to ditch the tents way back due to heat. I’ve found it way easier to control a room or three.