Dim the lights at the end of harvest?

just wondering if there is any advantage to dim the light 2 weeks or so before harvest time? im using 2 - spyder farmer 2000s in a 4x4 tent. would love to hear feed back on this . thanks

I can’t think of any reason you would want to dim your lights at the end of your grow. Imo you should keep them working if possible, make the most of your bud swell.


The only reason I’d do that is to save a little money(but that’s only like 20$ max) other then that you re just kinda knee caping its final growth but a lot of us do 48 hours of dark at the end for various unknown reasons


Do you support the 36-48h darkness? I can’t find a definitive answer!

I believe you definitely want to harvest your plant after dark period, but not of the opinion that 48 hours darkness is required.

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I harvest with no darkness. In fact I have pulled many with the lights on. And I would stack my weed against anyone. Yes, I am they confident. :+1::+1::+1:


I always do 24hr darkness.

Cuz I saw it on internet lmao


It’s nice to be confident, and you are plenty good to continue whatever you believe works. I share my thoughts based on what i believe can be reasonably verified. That is one, that terpenes are heat sensitive. They are typically at highest concentration at coolest part of day, then decline during warmest part of day. Two, chlorophyll isn’t as actively produced in the dark and can can start to break down. Thus taking here can result in a cleaner product at harvest as opposed to while photosynthesis is active. And third reason is partly related to second, but the end of dark cycle will be longest period of time from when the plant has pulled nutrients etc from the growing media. Stomata close in dark which stops the flow from roots through plant.

I am not necessarily a believer that extending dark period two or three full days is of value. But I do feel there is plenty of supported explanations as to why it’s better to harvest after dark as opposed to during normal light cycle.