Dilemma - To Start Feeding Again or Not?

Hello Fine Growers!

As I am still in my first grow, I am constantly learning.

That said, I may have jumped the gun on flushing and only going H2O. Blueberry is at 9 full weeks of flowering as of 8/14 (13 weeks total since breaking soil). Thought since most pistils were brown, it would be ready soon, so I flushed and began water only. That is now four weeks of only water! The same with my Amnesia (8 weeks flowering - 12 week total - as of 8/12).

Now I am noticing that new calyxes are forming with more white pistils. :grimacing: I guess that’s good because the buds are fattening? Anyway, now I see severe nutrient deficiencies. The question is: Do I go back to feeding or just continue to ride it out?



The Amnesia is showing the most signs of deficiencies since this was in a “Pot 4 Pot” set up and no nutes were added.

Really appreciate the time and support.

Happy growing.

I think you timed it well. Plant looks fully mature and is now throwing foxtails which is another sign it’s about done.


Hello and thank you for the feedback. What I forgot to mention were the trichomes. I snipped a little piece of a side bud and placed under microscope … ALL look clear as glass! Not sure. I did not even see any cloudy ones. However, when I look at the plant from above with the naked eye, sure does look like it has a cloudy look to it. My sample this morning was from a side bud. Should I take from the cola and compare? I hate to keep cutting into her! :smirk:

Once again, thanks.

Samples from several spots but not from foxtails or sugar leaves. I use small scissors and snip small samples which you’ll never see.


Thank you. Will do so.

@Myfriendis410 can you please elaborate on the foxtailing and why that means it’s almost done? I thought foxtailing was due to heat or light stress. I’m close to harvest as well and would love any and all tips on when the proper time to harvest. Thanks :+1:

Depends on the maturity of the plant: foxtails early in flower is bad. Foxtails late in flower (like you) are a sign the plant is giving it’s last effort at pollinating flower to seed.

When you look at trichomes; look at the slightly older flower and not the foxtails which will be clear.


Updates on plants.

Cut into different areas of different buds with the result being the same; for my inexperienced eyes, all trichomes still look shiny and glass-like. I wish I had a digital microscope to take photos.

@patchman Thanks for the support. Didn’t want to continue on someone else’s post. Here are some new updated photos of what I was trying to explain:


BB - Browning Leaves - 01

BB - Browning Leaves - 02

In fear of possible mold, I cut several leaves away yesterday morning that were browning and seemed “mushy,” for lack of a better word.



Those look great- @PP3121 showing bud porn!! Hide the kids! lol


I’m at a similar point at the moment…going on how old my plants are I guessed to start flushing…but going by the pics I posted on here and taking advice, I believe I have a few weeks left my myself…so…today I gave my ladies a small feed of NPK this morning with a grow boost…my leaves are a mild yellow so can shes using the nitrogen from her leaves but not got to the point where she looks sick…if that makes sense!! Should be fine to feed her a little after a premature flush…just take it as she had a nuets lock of something! :sunglasses::maple_leaf::fire::dash:

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Hey @Deano37. Looking very nice and healthy. I think continuing with your feeding is appropriate seeing that you have all white pistils and little trichome development. It’s always good to see and compare to others although I know that every strain and grow environment is different.

As I said, I’m going to ride it out and continue to check the trichomes every two days or so.

@patchman Thanks for the words of encouragement. So the browning doesn’t concern you? I cut more off this morning. Seems to be browning quicker everyday. I guess makes sense since the nutes are probably all used up from the soil.

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Had to steak mine this morning…:scream::heart_eyes::joy:…her top bud is getting so heavy, she nearly snapped when trying to move her…luckily I had some bamboo in the garden…had to pull up branches and everything today…sweating my balls off worrying I’ll hurt her…anyway…jobs done and now I wait!! :joy::sunglasses::maple_leaf::fire::dash:

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Nice save! Awesome you have bamboo in the garden! My buds are not nearly that big. As this is my fist grow, I went with Pot 4 Pot set up with two 1/2 G fabric pots. Learned quickly those are REALLY small! With the leftover soil, I put another into a .75 G plastic pot I had lying around. My fourth went into a 1.25 G with Coast of Maine Organic Mix. This last one, Blueberry, grew the biggest and grew the best.

Learned that my small growing closet was WAY too small for four plants. I guess luckily the 1/2 G pots worked in my favor. Do not expect big yields, but I am learning for next time. So many things to do differently. My total my not equal one of yours! :smile:

Anyway, it’s also about the journey which has been incredible, not to mention the community hear supporting the newbs!

Continue posting updates.

Happy growing!

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Actually, now that I look closer, is that one plant? :thinking:

Yeah Bro…just 1 plant…Pink grapefruit auto…I started to LST her…then bottled it so let her up again…think by that point she grew some new colas so I just went with it…her main stem is no way straight at all…hence she nearly buckled on me!! :joy: I read up about not expecting a big yield from autos…but the way she’s going I’m looking at quite a bit…fingers crossed anyway!! :joy: This is also my first grow so like yourself I’m super worried about anything going wrong…iv even made a home made dry box out of cardboard boxes and 2 computer fans…one for an input and output…feel like the A Team they way we go to work with whatever we can find materials wise!! :joy::sunglasses::maple_leaf::fire::dash:

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Let me tag in some better folks to address your concerns. I kind of see what you are talking about. @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @CMichGrower- could you look at pp321’s pics on post 8 of t hi is thread? She has concerns about mold. I think a good bath at harvest is in order, but I am not sure how she should treat this so close to harvest. Thanks everyone!!!

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I would definitely cut out the discolored areas. I would also recommend to examine under normal lighting. That stuff can spread.

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Looks more like light burn then mold…iv got the same with my main top bud…sugar leaves are a bit frazzled and folding up…should I remove these? Look at my pics and you’ll see what I mean! Thanks again! :maple_leaf::fire::sunglasses:

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Fist, thanks to all for your feedback as I try to get to the end of my first grow.

@Covertgrower I cut out the browning leaves this morning in natural light. I was worried about what I was going to find. However, after removal, I did not see any browning in the bud itself. Seems to be limited to the leaves.

I am inclined to lean toward two things: like @Deano37 said, it may be some light burn as I noticed the light was, and had been, a little low. Raised it as high as I could. It is now about 16" from the top of the highest bud. It was low.

I also think the plant is dying for nutrition. Since I think I flushed and went only water way too soon, the plant looks to be “eating” any and all nutrition available. Perhaps that is why the sugar leaves are browning?

Since I am still seeing clear trichomes, I gave a light feeding of Bloom nutrients along with some Cal/Mag. DO you think this was okay to do @Myfriendis410 @Myfriendis410 @NugFlush @patchman

Here are some pics from this morning of the Blueberry:

The last pic is what I am thinking is a nute deficiency.

Thank you everyone! Really appreciate your time and opinions.

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Hey, looking good! To this one eyed grower I think you flush next time and harvest. I didn’t see any clear tricomes, but you are right there with the plant, and quite frankly, i trust your vision over mine. Your analogy of the plant “eating” its sugar leaves is interesting. I look at it more like the sugar leaves produces energy so the plant can grow. At this stage of its life the plant is throwing all energy into reproduction, and doesn’t need the sugar leaves for that;; especially the lower ones. So when its energy is focused on that, the other leaves and all are cut off. They weaken and die. I will leave the rest of the growers to advise you on how much longer do you feed. My guess, and it is ONLY a guess is that she is winding down. The pistils have all/mostly browned and the tricomes to me look cloudy. This would mean she is at her peak of THC levels. The tricomes will eventually turn to brown/red as she continues to wind down. Her genetics have driven her to reproduce and she has done everything she can. That’s my guess, or how I like to look at it. If your buds were still growing and fattening up I would continue with the nutes. But I am guessing that is not the case. Great job!! It won’t be long before you are harvesting, trimming, bathing?, drying, and curing. And I have another guess- after you get a lot of that done you are going to start “jonesing” to grow some more! I couldn’t believe how quickly I started planning, and others say the same thing. Be sure and pat yourself on the back, as you have done a great job. And even if it wasn’t a great job (and I am NOT saying that) you have learned a lot!