Digital temp/humidity controller

Anyone have recommendations on good temp/humidity controllers? Upgrading the room a bit before my next grow. Thought it might be a good addition.

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Controllers? As in device to read? @Redeyedranger just tweakd a whole room to control those aspects. He may can help. But im off key with what u mean by controller

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For a “controller”
I use a dehumidifier for the room

I mean the switches that will turn your a/c, heater, humidifier off and on at a set temp and humidity. To “control” the temp and humidity in the room.

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Or you can look at titan controls.

Thanks for the response. I saw all the ones on Amazon, just didn’t know which were good ones.

I’m very happy with this one.

I use inkbird for both. Work great

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I use a nest works great

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Nest… thats the ‘whole house’ setup people right? Is it a huge investment? Ive seen a few different things here and there. Never considered ‘environmental control’ DUH! :joy::joy:

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It’s a Thermostat that you can get sensors and have it be an entire house set up

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I’ve looked at those. Just wasnt sure how it would work with a portable ac unit.

Do you have to un wire and wire it in