Digital ppm and tds pens

Hello, I’ve read several old posts on the digital ppm and tds pens and I still can’t decide. I’ve also spent a few hours on Amazon trying to compare pen models, prices and all the bells and whistles.
My budget is 30~75 dollars. I’d like to go ahead and get one with all the solutions so I can start out right. Hopefully I’ll get enough replies that one model stands out. Feel free to tag others who may have first hand experience with these.
I need to move on this so I can make better choices on what my plants are getting.
Thanks for your time,

I’m really happy with this.

Hopefully this isn’t a stupid question but does it also take ph readings? I’m still learning here.
I looked at that particular model and saved it in favorites.

No. It doesn’t take pH readings.
I use this for ppm/tds

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This is what I use. It’s a little over your budget, but it’s all you need and you’ll have them for life.


personally, I have been thru 5-6 “good” pens. spent hundreds of bucks all together for pens that all malfunctioned. Now I buy the 15$ set of ph/ppm pens and replace them each grow.

The Apera PH20 is very popular here. I have been using one for 18 months and love it.

Thanks for the response. I’ll be adding one to my list soon. I’ve been using distilled water and that’s getting old fast. The test strips and little sample bottle for solutions is just s good guess it seems like.
I appreciate the replies and experience I’ve come to rely on here on this forum.