Digital pH meter on Amazon


I like the Apera. A bit more expensive, but they’re accurate, come with a warranty, and they come with a case & calibration solution.


I’ve given up on ph pens. I’ve moved on to the ph test strips for checking saliva/urine. 0-14 ph reading, fairly accurate, cheap, and never needs calibration.


Did you try a quality pH pen?


I’ll admit… No. I tied a few of the cheaper models, and none of them will stabilize long enough to calibrate. I got what I paid for, and except it. But I’ve been more than happy with the strips. I’m sure in the long run I’ll get a quality replacement pen. Averaging .10 cent a strip isn’t too bad. But will add up…


I went with the cheapest best model I could. The Apera phb3 (I think that’s the correct order). It was under 40 bucks, and with auto calibration, using only one point of calibration. Once I figured out how to properly calibrate, I was set. I only have to recalibrate once a month. Accurate to within -+.1.


I’ll look into it. Thanks!


Apera Instruments PHB-3 Economic Waterproof pH Pocket Tester, ±0.1 pH Accuracy, 0-14.0 pH Range


Be careful with this PH pen. I have bought and used 2 of these early on, but be careful. This is not waterproof, and if you drop it or get it too wet. It is done. Works for beginners on a budget. :slight_smile: Used to be 6 bucks, too!


The yellow apera or the original poster’s meter? I’ve had the yellow apera for a year, now, without any issues. Dropped it into several vats of h2o & nute solution, and no issues. I handle it with dripping wet hands, all the time. Easy to calibrate. Easy to operate. Auto temp calibration.
Comes with a warranty, case, and a small vial of calibration solution. It uses regular aaa batteries, so that’s a huge convenience. So far, my only complaint is that it’s not backlit.

When I purchased it, it was $37. The price is steadily going down on the item, though.

I have no qualms recommending it to others, as I haven’t had a single issue with it. I use it at least 3 days a week, taking multiple readings with each use. I calibrate it once a month.


All can say is that mine died the first time I dropped it in a reservoir.

I always err on the side of caution when suggesting products to my
membership. Please do the same. a lot of our members are on a fixed
income and cannot afford to buy something that could go bad. I suggest
buying a Milwaukee waterproof pen or meter the first time if you plan to
be a serious grower.

Thanks for your inout. Peace, lw :slight_smile:


I never recommend anything that I haven’t tried & found to be true. I err on the side of caution, as well.

That’s not saying that eventually I won’t move up to a Bluelab pen, but until this current one needs replacing: she’s a keeper. :v:

PS: the only issues I’ve had have been my own errors…such as not calibrating it for several months over the summer, and then using it. Lol! Stupid human error.


@latewood which Milwaukee pen do you suggest? Links?


Just saw your earlier post. Thank you


Got ph meter going to get water from acomtion of 5 springs ph. 5.7 ( im i ok ) a gorilla grower


I use the sm802 multi meter. Might be mw802 or something now.

I also have a martini ph pen and have used many other that are now dead. All meter go away after a year or 2, and with the 802, you have to replace the probe every year or 2.

Always make sure to store your probes in storage solution provided or bought from the manufacturer.

The links to all I use is in the ILGM Official Buyer’s Guide. :slight_smile:


Thank you sir!


Here’s a total newbie Q for you. Can you use this to test the soil Ph or just liquid?


You can test your soil PH by testing your runoff.


Never thought of that! Ok, any tricks, adjustments, wait time?


Thank for that! 2 more rook Q’s:

Recomended ph down products?

My tent runs really dry with all my ventaltion and fan, my RH is like 22-25, is a humidifier the trick?