Digital pH meter on Amazon


pH pen on amazon:

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Higher end water resistant and water proof meters:


What about this one ? I’m a cheap a$$! Lol


There is one negative, the delivery time…it is coming from China, taking a month to get here.

Well, maybe two negatives…aside delivery time, be prepared, you really do get what you paid for. Replacement batteries are $4-$5, maybe more.

I get the feeling the companies sell the shells to anyone to put whatever inside. It gets to be a game on if and how long it will be good for.


That’s true buddy, i didn’t notice that ship date wow. LOL I’ve never ordered anything online.


On this particular one how would I know what type of storage solution to buy with it,I’m finalizing my amazon list now !!!
Finally getting to order my stuff​:grinning::grinning:woo-hoo oooooooh thanks for any help @kabongster @MacGyverStoner


Google what kind of solution and write down the specific meter so you get specific information


Thanks man



Any of these will do:



Thanks @MacGyverStoner, glad you popped in and shared your 2 cents


Thank you @MacGyverStoner


Could be worth noting PH pens can require calibration. Might be worth getting some test solution. I picked up the one above for a buddy and it was way off, right out of the box. A minor adjustment with the included screwdriver and it works great.


Thanks for the info, I searched last night and found a 3 bottle pack,it has the storage, 7,and I think it’s 4ph solution, on amazon it biopharm I think


I just got my PH meter today… and it says I first need to calibrate it with distilled water at 25°C, and use these 3 packets. Then, I need to check calibration every few days or months. Not to mention storing it in special solution (additional item not included). Yikes! I was thinking I’d be getting something better/easier than the PH solution. I wish I had the solution instead. Can anyone weigh in on if it’s better to have a digital meter, a Test Indicator tube, or strips? Is it worth it? Is there a PH meter that is easier to use than this?


It’s worth the hassle…


Digital meter is worth the hassle and is far more accurate than other styles of test meters, as well as strips


You can get a test solution that requires no mixing. I have a bottle of 7PH that I check mine again every so often.


and you can usually store the meter in the pH 7 test solution, read the bottle for instructions.


I must be one of the lucky ones I got this Meter last year and its been doing me well , everytime I retest it its only off by one point.


I cut a piece of sponge and stick it in the cap and keep it wet all the time .