Dig up & Move Flowering Plant



I live in the North East USA. I have a plant in an outdoor scrog that is flowering quite nicely. In the past couple of weeks, with climatic changes, the plant has dropped from about 4-5 hours of direct sunlight to 3 or less with the sun not staying as high in the sky as it was most of summer.

Is that enough direct sunlight to finish this plant? I’m estimating it has 4 more weeks of flowering time.

Has anyone ever dug up a plant and moved it’s location to a sunnier local?

Thanks for any input.



Hey there , I would finish the plant where it is, its too late to disturb it…it should finish just fine.
Next year chose different site…
I have 2 plants in similar spot, will not be planting there again
Good luck


Thanks @Ragnar, my instincts told me I could not do that but it pains me to see this gorgeous day here and my best looking outdoor plant is in the shade, my bad.

I’ve got two in pots that are in a much better spot, sun from 930a-6:00p


Live and learn brother, it will all work out :wink::wink::wink:


Cut down trees around it


@Fever Oh I did this spring but the remaining ones are city property.


Don’t dig her up, some varieties do better than others with shading…an autoflower in that spot next year might be better choice…


Thanks @Big123 appreciate the input. Gonna leave it (hard to move anyway since it’s in a scrog. Just a bad choice and would be worth trying an auto or four right there next year, thx!!


Those would have went first! :smirk:


Thank you! very useful information!


@Screwauger … hey, how did the plant go? Thanks for this post, as I’ve been looking everywhere for info about whether it is ok to dig up outdoor plants (in Veg state, though, not flower. I wouldn’t think that would be wise) and move to another spot.
Has anyone done this, or know anything about it? I have 3 plants in the ground outside, about 3 months into their Veg state. I will probably leave them, but I’m wondering if they could be moved and survive, as I’m a little concerned about their location, plus if I get a male I’d like to keep him but he’ll need to go somewhere else! :stuck_out_tongue: @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Powaforce @Ragnar @cyberblast @aussie123556 @Big123
I’m in Australia, Summer now and 3 months into Veg for the bubs :smiley:


The hardest part about this growing business is finding the right outdoor grow spot… and when it’s not legal makes it harder. @Ragnar I tagged you in another reply, hope you find it.
Love your trees! Do you think it would be safe to move plants that are 3 months into Veg state? Thanks and love your work! :smiley:



Hey there!

I did not end up moving the plant. It stayed in the ground the longest of any of my grow and was the best weed I grew this summer. So, no I would not recommend moving flowering plants, not even sure she would have lived given I would have cut her roots.

Indoor is really my thang anyway!!


Thanks for the kind words…
I have personally transplanted all kinds of plants in all ages, I could be done with mj thats for sure, but I would not recommend doing it, even if you careful and dig wide around, there still will be considerable stress…
Happy growing !


@Sunflower i used to know ppl that would go walkabout for weeks finding that spot lol ,as for moving it,the boys used to used wet hesham bags like a big pot holder no roots showing,plenty of dirt until it was in place again,like moving a large palm tree sort of .but not that far into veg–,good question :slight_smile: