Diffirence between oil, smoking and eating marijuanan


A question from a patient:

I have re- accruing prostate cancer. I need seeds to produce an even blend of CBD and THC. From what I have read I need to refine it to oil for the best results. What is the difference from oil or smoking or eating mj? And, which type of mj should I buy?


I’d imagine eating would be best for treating most forms of cancer. As far as smoking oil, oil concentrates are basically purified hash oil and as such can be added to food or smoked in special types of pipes. The only advantage to smoking is more immediate pain relief and or more immediate psychedelic effect, eating usually takes at least 15 - 30 minutes or more.


I have cluster headache and it’s true that smoking have an almost immediate effect but last about an hour or an hour an half . If ingested , it takes about an half hour to produce an effect but last between two to four hours , depends on THC and CBD levels and strains.

Personnaly, when i know that crises is about to come, I am prefering to vaporize my first dose and take canna-edibbles home made for the long lasting effect. And it’s working fine for me. Be aware that cannabis can have side effects, espacelly if combine with antidépresseurs.

I’m not a recreational user, and with the support of my neurologist and family doctor i’m finaly see the end of the tunel.:innocent: