Diffirence between feminized and autoflowering marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

What is the difference between fem and autoflowering.

Our autoflowering strains are feminized. Feminized means the seeds will almost always turn into female plants, no 50/50 male to female ratio like with regular seeds and this is important as only the female flowers are good for smoking and the males are only good for breeding, not very good for smoking or making medicine at all. For the most part, regular cannabis that most people are familiar with, are annual plants or flower seasonally, only with more than 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness, i.e. usually only flowering in the winter. An auto flower strain can flower even under 24 hours of light.

It has been said that the THC levels are a bit lower in autos. I have mixed opinions on this subject.
I’ve had some blow your mind Auto Kush . All I do know is that I can harvest 4 times a year and so far it’s been pretty tasty stuff with NO seeds.
There are pros and cons to autos as there are to regs. Regs can be cloned much easier and typically give you a larger plant and yield. Autos tend to be smaller plants but grow much faster than regs.