Differing Sativa/Indica dominance

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I ordered Sour Diesel from ILGM. Per the description, this strain is 60/40 Sativa dominant with Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk lineage. However, Google search results claim 90/10 Sativa dominance with the same lineage. Why this discrepancy? What numbers are to be trusted?

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Different breeders start with slightly different genetics is my understanding

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It’s a hybrid. Depending on exact parents and breeding generation this could be all over the place. I would expect some plants may display indica traits and some may display sativa traits. Pretty much like every other hybrid.


Discrepancy on the web??? No! Seed bank on one side…who is saying otherwise??? Specify.

Well, it’s a no brainer, you have incorrect information @Audiofreak . Super Skunk has alot of Indica in it. There’s no way anything with a Super Skunk mother or father could be 90% Sativa. No way. I see the percentages as 90/10 myself on wikileaf and other sites but someone must have made a snafu and it was copied over and over. 75/25 yeah I would buy that but not 90/10 with the afghan in the super Skunk

The chances they (all) are testing the same exact phenom is pretty small. Alot of testing variables also.

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Those numbers are kinda bullshiz all the time anyways unless your getting a 100%er you can have a 80/20 ind/sat blend but if the child they grabbed favored the energetic gene then it doesnt matter its more “sativa” like


It’s my understanding of the history of -the- Sour Diesel, the one you had double bagged but you could still smell from a 1/4 mile away, that one, was a clone-only variety. You couldn’t get seeds for it.

If you are buying seeds, it might be from an original clone, self pollinated, but more likely it’s a breeder’s reproduction eg “gelato by ilgm”. That’s not to say it not very close to the original, and you wouldn’t even be able to get some of these if it wasn’t for good breeders keeping them going.

So, wouldn’t get too caught up in different vendors saying different ratios as they might both be right, that is if the web people copied the info over correctly.

Just pick one you think you’ll enjoy growing and most of all consuming.