Different ways to prune

A question form a fellow grower:

My question/want is more information about the different ways to prune and crop for bigger yields. I’m currently one week after fimming and am curious as how to make the branches spread out. Or is it just better to let them grow naturally instead?

Might want to consider “defoilation” to spread out branches “tie” them apart/down to sides of container something like “mainlineing”

How you prune top and train your plant is determined by growing space and rate your plant is growing, since topping/pruning slows growth a few days everytime you do it the trick is to let plant have lots of energy production leaves you defoliate only after the tops have enough leaves to support a steady growth mainlining is an awesome trick but plant needs to be healthy during whole process if you top at 4-5 nodes don’t defoliate until new growth meets or excedes what you wish to remove if you cut too much will set you back weeks you can spread the tops by training when they have enough length and growth to safely tie them if you read the details of mainlining its the same 4-5 nodes on each branch before topping again then defoliate the bottom trunk this is only logical because for exponantial growth it takes lots of energy if you defoliate every time you top to mainline sets you back weeks @garrigan62 adding another voice who experienced this.

Here ya go.
The link will take you to my 5th generation of white widow. What I did was to. Tie the branchs to wire mess as the branchs grew I kepted tieing them dowm. So when it was time to flower the branch were so long there were 3 maybe 4 times the amount of buds.
I am in harvest as I write this and will be postinjg pic’s later tonight.
You then will be able to see for your self what tieing them down will do.
I measured one and iit was 16 @7 inches long. Nowthats a bud…lol

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