Different time frames for strains, amber color

Do different strains developed their amber color in different time frames?
I grew Super Skunk and they are now in their 5th week of flowering.
I still only see clear color, no milky or amber as of yet.
Should I already see some kind of development in color?

You won’t see the trichs change until it’s almost harvest time. As far as I know, there is no strain that is ready to harvest after only 5 weeks of flower. :grinning: Give it a few more weeks. Once you notice the pistils starting to shrink & changing color, then you can start tthinking about checking the trichomes.


Patience, grasshopper haha! We’ve all been there. Believe me when I say you really want to wait until they are ready. Folks here can help. Go look at bud porn until then; it worked for me lol.


I rarely see amber on the flower, (not the sugar leaves) before week 6 or 7.


Thank you, was beginning too wonder if they were developing ok.

Lol I’m trying to be patient, but excited to see the girls mature.

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Lol, knew from reading , I had at least 8 weeks of flowering but thought I should have seen some change in color.

Will post some pics of my SS girls after they wake up.
I do have a GL gold leaf begining to flower, she’s probable about 3 weeks behind the SS.
Let me know if they look ok or if there appears to be any issues.

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Haha, we ALL feel you!


I’m down to one nug. Every morning, from here til harvest in November, I will wake up hoping they magically grew & ripened overnight.


Here are several pics of my SS super skunk girls.

And the last pic is of my only GL gold leaf , I was able to get started.


Are all those plants under one light? Cmh? Hps? What size light?

Yes, using 600 watt hps lighting

Maybe the gold leaf wants a little more light. Try moving her closer to the center.

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She was about 3 or 4 weeks behind the SS plants, and I figured she probable stretching a bit to get more light…

I accidentally started her late as I was trying to get a GL started, but the other 4 seed didn’t take.
Will try to move her more to center. Her flowers are starting to show.
Want try doing SCROG on next round.

The SS have a lot of smaller flowers down their stems and I was trying to do some LST to help them grow.
But I did read somewhere , someone told another person to cut them off so the top buds would grow larger. Not sure about that,

I have been doing some pruning, on the SS , lower leaves, but only the leaf and not the stem as I think I read that you leave the stem as it continues to produce sugar.

When you let them grow naturally indoors the top colas get most of the light. The lower down you go the airy-er the buds get. Some people trim off the lowest buds so the plant doesn’t waste energy on them and focuses on the bigger top buds.
I typically grow scrog style, and by harvest I’ve slowly trimmed everything off below the canopy.

It looks like you’ve trimmed plenty. I wouldn’t take off anymore leaves unless they’re yellowing and used up.

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That’s what I’ve basically done, if the leaves went yellow then I pruned them off.
I still need to do more reading on SCROG , height, tie downs, etc etc
Hoping I can get at least a nice oz or two from these anyway lol
And shoot for a larger yield next time lol

If that gold leaf lives up to its heritage you should have 2oz easy :+1:

Scrog is pretty easy. It takes a little more work that just lst, but the yield is really good. It’s the best way to maximize space and light.

Just be sure to top/fimm before they get too big, then tuck or tie down as they grow through the net.

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Thanks for the advice. Will have to give it a try.