Different strains but same look & smell?

Is it just me or… I grew MK Ultra, gorilla glue and blue dream. I just harvested them and they’re about a week into drying but they all look and smell the same!?!
Is that normal? Am I doing something wrong?

When growing them, they all had their own characteristics… now, I can’t even tell them apart.

And another question to anyone that can help… will the pungent smell ever come back? Does it come back in the curing process?

Thanks to anyone that can help me :slightly_smiling_face:

How are you drying them?

I find during the dry they all kinda start to smell like hay. once you start to cure them the smells will come back and then evolve over time. i will also say i find the dry the hardest and most frustrating part of the grow.


In the Wedryer… not sure if you heard of it before but it’s like a multi layered black tent with a small exhaust fan and filter on top.
It was specifically made for drying…

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Thanks for that! It’s my first time and I’m all kind of confused :slight_smile:

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did you keep track of your temps and humidity in there? How long was the dry? And like kinsedc said when you start the cure the smells will become more pronounced.

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no worries. i’m a year and multiple grows in and still always always have questions. and not all plants or grows are created equal, so sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you expect, but what you’re experiencing now is totally normal.


Yeah, the temp is at 66 and the humidity is at 45… it’s been drying for about a week now…

you could extend the time out a bit if you could add a humidifier in the room, 45 is a little low. you sure they’re not dry yet?

for the life of me i can’t seem to go more than five days even with the temp low.

humidity is a little low imo, i like to dry around 60% how do they feel?

Lol! No, not yet… they’re almost there! I think maybe another day or so. When I try and bend the stem, it feels like it wants to snap, but not quite

i’ve started going by squish feel. super hard to describe… like crispy on the outside and a little firm on the inside and the fan leaves not damp but not dried to an absolute crips either. i dunno. i struggle with this part. but i find i overdry constantly if i follow the snap rule. i’d rather under dry and then trim and control the rest of the dry through burping or periodic taking out of jars.

Amen to that. You know the taste,smell,buzz will be more enjoyable if you can let it cure for 30 days. But damn its hard to stay out of it after 14 days


Do you use the little humidity packs when you’re curing?

POT HEAD! :wink:

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Nope, those usually go in after the cure. they will keep the humidity steady (or should) once you’re done with all the gas exchanges and things that need to happen during the curing process.

oh i would make sure to have those little hygrometers on hand. i put those in the jars immediately.

Oh okay… so many people do it so differently… so when they’re done drying, you just put them in jars and burp them daily? I’m sorry for all the questions… I don’t know what I would do without this chatroom!
Wait, what’s a hygrometer?

ha well that’s what this is for. yeah you’ll usually burp once or twice a day, i’d do twice if the humidity is a little high. then after maybe 2 weeks you can do it less frequently. if the humidity is over 65 though i’d pull them out and put on a piece of cardboard for an hour maybe and then put them back. you’ll evolve your own style after awhile. i’m still working on mine. i find if i don’t burp often, even a month into it, things start to smell a little less fresh. but the more jars you get, the more obnoxious this gets. and the more you burp the more the humidity comes down so it’s a give and take.

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Oh ok… I see… I understand now. It’s like a light bulb just went off lol

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