Different seed types, strains

So I see people trying 2 of this, two of that and I’m curious. As someone that wants to grow indoors in one system, I’m thinking that keeping things separately would be difficult at best. I suppose you can label each plant, but then when you start cloning, doesn’t it get dicey, or when you harvest?
What advice can you that have done multiple and/or continuous grows give to a newbie?



The best advice I can give is to not over fill your grow space. Growing autos and photos together can be problematic and different cultivars will mature at different rates. Not a bad thing if you have 6 plants all yielding 12 oz of dried flower coming ripe on the same day. That’s no fun.

In general sativa leaning strains will be taller and lanky with smaller yields. Indica will tend to be short and bushy and yield more heavily. Effects are different so this is why folks grow different strains.


Label them well and call it a day. When I take clones I cut and place directly into cup of ph’d water, then go back and scrape stems and place into rapid rooter. Use a different (labeled) cup for clones.

More organized you are the better off you’ll be. Keeping track of plants is cake walk compared to keeping track of nutrients and mixing, in my opinion.

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