Different progress same seeds and environment


on my 2nd grow using Detroit Nutrient’s - Great Lakes Water only living soil amended with BU’s Blend compost
California Light Works Solar Express 500 my own wicking system using fabric pots and trays 4x4 tent.

These are MK Ultra photo’s from ILGM. They all sprouted on the same day 1/10/21 (3 weeks now) . 2 of them are going gangbusters, 2 are going slowly but not too bad. Could these be different strains or what could be happening to the little guys? I swapped them in the tent just because. The big ones have some monster fan leafs already.

The ONLY real difference between them is the brand of the fabric pots, the slow ones on a new brand, the others the same as first grow. I am about to modify the wicking system since it seemed to going slowly. Still watering on the top for the little guys.

Any thoughts ?


Its called Genetics. Just look at your relatives…everyone looks different due to genetics. Otherwise we all would be identical.

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The only way you will get (nearly) the same growth rates is to take clones from one plant. Every seed is different: what you pay for are the traits bred in to the cultivar and how repeatable the seeds are.


If same conditions for all, then it’s genetics. Is one reason, I suggest planting more than you expect to harvest. cull the weakest, pamper the healthiest. plant just enough…gonna end up working too hard to get the weaklings to produce. each seed is a roll of the genetic dice. especially with all the many hybrids …it’s easy for 6 seedlings to be 2 great, 2 ok, 2 puny.