Different Phenotypes

Question from a fellow grower!

I recently bought a pack of Blue Dream seeds and they’re definitely not the same genotype. My undergraduate degree is in molecular biology so I understand genetic variability and phenotypes but these are not the same genetics. If you have any idea what other strain it could be that would help me in the growing process. One is almost done and one is weeks from being done. Thanks, Dr. Tyler Hawkins, PT, DPT


different phenotypes are more common among the hybrids. each has it’s own ticking time clock


I would think it’s the same strain. It’s crazy how phenos work. 95% of strains now a daya are some sort of hybrid. This one being Blueberry (afghani x purple thai x thai) X Super Silver Haze (northern lights x haze x skunk #1).

That’s alot of genetics to get tossed into one stain. The phenos will be all over the place.

You could have 6 kids all from the same parents and they will all look different. Yes they may have some of the same traits but they will all grow, look and act differently. Kinda like cannabis when you cross strains.

The overall looks of the plants are pretty close. The leaf sturture is close and so is the overall size/shape. The color of the plant may be off a bit and the flower growth. Looks like they contain different phenos :wink:

Excited to see them in a few weeks.
Happy growing…

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True that! Yet I`d expect that If I was Chinese my brother wouldn’t come out Caucasian LOL…Unless momma was creepin(okay im kidding) But for example I bought (ILGM) Bruce Banner (auto) One is totally purple I mean almost black…Even smells purple …The other is green with very little purple…Same with my Gorilla Glue…One is purple and other is green…One bushy the other Thai-ish slim? I dont believe that it can be THAT much different even with the “Pheno” theory. They are just Too much different…Yeah I get it ( the kid theory) My siblings and I all have different eye colors,hair colors,skin tones etc. I think some of these seeds were separated and bagged when someone was sampling the product,LOL! :upside_down_face:

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Also why were @ it (Not trying to hijack the thread)But What do you guys think: I have a seed from last years auto B Berry…If I plant it what are the chances of it growing into the BB that I have or one of the other X`s that is crossed with BBerry? BTW I was so surprised to get a seed @ all It wasn’t a hermie at all but out of ounces and ounces I found One seed and I was actually happy…

It wont grow into anything else. It will be a bberry but my be stronger in one trait. Lol