Different nutrients

I have been using fox farms nutrients, I have a bud enhancer of a different brand , general hydroponics , only use the last 2 weeks of flower , im wondering if it will be ok to use or not , thanks for any help

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Ya i do it all the time. Your plants wont know any difference in brand names


Welcome to the boards! Will you be feeding all the way through till harvest with FF also? Or just the GH nute for the last 2 weeks?

Both , but the bud enjancer , probably only once a wekk the last 2 weeks , in between FF feeding

Welcome to the happy place…

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Oh my!!! Do your ladies have names? Do tell

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Ilgm super skunk , 1 bubba kush bag seed for shits and giggles lol week 7 flower

No names just , HELLO LADIES !!! Lol

Hello miss skunk and lil brother bubba. Those sre the names and ilgm seeds aswell.:+1:

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Luv that super skunk , tent smells of sweet skunk , intoxicating lol

Sister is our pit bull, she loves her some skunk, striped kitty type. Yes I bet yours is most pleasing.to the nose.

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I have a friend that grows and swears by blackstrap molasses

@Demon53 Hi I was reading your post (and many others looking for answers) and wanted to ask something about the second and third picture. By the way your buds look great! When I zoom in on your second and third picture I see what looks like thin strands. Is that webbing? I ask because I have been fighting spider mites and see that on mine sometimes. They are evil little bastards and has already ruined one of my grows this summer while I fight them on another. Hopefully not the case for you but I was curious if those strings/fibers are a sign of them. This is my first grow so I am not sure but wanted to alert you in case it is. Happy growing!

Unfortunately , it’s cat hair , ughhh we cata and it gets everywhere , literally have the dust it off before I dry lol

It should be fine. How ever I’d watch my ec as to not over do it. I mix different nutes & boosters all the time. You always end up with a little of this & that after a grow of 2.

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