Different lights

Can you change or add grow lights of different wattages during the growing process…thanks

Yes, and different spectrums are okay too.


Thanks… its a 6x7 room. mirrors 4ft all around, 1-3000 watt full spectrum veg bloom switches, can I add a 300 watt and a 1000 watt, (they are all led)to the grow when i flip or just before? 10 week flowering plants. 7ft ceilings, 5 ft growing room, need to flip because of height.

Yup you can the edges almost always need an extra 2-3k par for even growing so go by the par foot print if some/all are blurple if their all full spectrum you can do lux readings and aim for 60-72k

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If you’re planning on purchasing lighting, post some links. We can advise you. A lot of amazon led panels are falsely marketed.