Different grow time and different then the fertilization schedule

My first grow, I’ve got a question but I don’t know how to formulate it basically I’m growing white widow Auto

and it states the length of time to harvest is around 8 weeks grow time is different then the fertilization schedule shown For the plant Fertilizer I purchased

[Buy Marijuana Fertilizers - Bergman's Plant Food >> ILGM](https://match grow time to the schedule)

(Sorry The schedule is towards the bottom of the page)

I’m not quite sure how to make the adjustment to the schedule for the difference in the length of your time now that’s clear as mud Any insight would be grand I posted to the form before and you guys been great thank you very much advance


You would follow roughly 4th week veg schedule all the way to the point you see preflowers then follow the transition and flowering schedule.

Also; keep in mind that the times listed are nominal and not likely going to be the same for you.


I understand if the grow time is 8weeks ( per the information on the seeds) then there is 2 weeks seedling then 4weeks veg then there’s 2weeks of flowering is that correct

Thanks for your response

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Usual timeline for autoflowers (any timeline given is more a guide no matter where you get the seeds)
1 week seedling
2-4 weeks vegging
7-10 days preflower
8-10 weeks flowering
90-100 days my experience so far
Hope that helps

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Thanks @Myfriendis410 and @Docnraq for your fast reply Your both helpful


Pretty stretched there. What kinda light you got going on?

2 weeks of transition then 65 days or so of flowering.

This is entirely dependent on the plant: it may take 8 weeks to show preflower.

@Docnraq That is two plants and I lost 4 Seeds just trying to get started and the last seed that’s seed 5 and 6. 5 was in the windowsill it got stretched and was thing about killing it but with a small grow area I thought I would see if I could do something with it and 6 was in the grow tent. If you look close there is some yellowing on some of the leaves and I’m not sure what is going on there but. the Lights I have came with a tent set I purchased there LED’s. It was a bare-bones set and as it came time for the company to ship there was a problem with the lights and the company called to inform me of the problem they upgraded to LED and sent me some other extras with it, it was a $300 kit and I wound up getting a $700 as best I can tell anyway I think the lights Are causing my heating problems I can’t keep the tent below 80°in an air condition space with the lights on there are 2 ea 300 watts Led light

@Myfriendis410 Thanks for clearing that up I was thinking that the 8 Weeks was a firm Dates Thanks again

Don’t need so many watts for seedlings. 80 degrees a lil warm for seedlings but not the end of the world for plant growth.

@Docnraq that is good to hear I was thinking about starting my next grow sometime around Christmas to deal with the temps but being my first grow I didn’t know what to expect thanks

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Roflmao. I live in AZ and I have been growing all summer so no worries you’ll get it figured out. Its alot cheaper indoors in the winter though.