Differences in pot materials and a second question

I use 5 gal nursery pots as I am in the business where I can get 1000’s if needed. Any way is there a benefit between using the plastic 5 gal pots over the fiber 5 gal containers?

And at the same time, I am watering my 5 gals now using a 2.2 qt watering can. I use 1 per plant per day. I am using just water and adding the fertilizers 2-3 times a week. There is no run off when I use 2.2 qts a day. I am using fish emulsions and seaweed extract as main fertilizers and, sad to say so far, super bloom as the flowering fertilizer. When I get closer to the end of flowering I water with 2.2 qts and then after 1/2 hr to 1 hr later I water again and then there is runoff. How important is runoff?


@RAP different types growing containers each have advantages and dis advantages i.e. fabric would let medium dry quicker and prevent rootbound plants by air pruning, harder container is more stable and probably easier to move around.
Runoff is how you tell what is going on in the medium, which comes in real handy. Any info on what is going on with you plant is a good thing!

Support Ticket would give others with alot more knowledge than me the info they need to help you best.


@Verndoc I thought about a ticket but with the list of things required and asked for on a support ticket I thought this was too basic.

Might be too much info but never hurts and may lead to more information for you. I personally am in 3 gallon plastic pots. I will be transplanting to 5 gal fabric and wish I would have done it instead of the 3 gallon. Only because its one more transplant and wouldn’t be needed if I’d have went from Solo cup to 5g fabric. I agree w @Holmes on the benefits of fabric. I only have been watering every 4-5 days and not to run off. My plants seem happy.


Runoff is important
You dont water cannabis like a house plant.
In plastic containers I used to water/feed 1/ week depending on temps.
In cloth pots it’s around 1/ every 5 days. Basically drench the roots and soil,then let it dry almost until the plant droops (the trick is knowing when that is about to happen).

You water slowly, let it sink in, then water more. Continue until there’s about 10-20% Runoff. The runoff allows excess salts to be carried out of the soil. People typically feed the crap out of their plants in order to get more growth. Runoff helps clear it out.

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This. This also prevents the need for full flushes (15 gallons for 5 gallon pot). Watering slowly and giving it time allows the water to soak up the salts. Then finish off until runoff to flush those salts out. If you water to 20% runoff, you should be able to pull 3 samples (start of runoff, middle and end) to test your PPM’s. Each sample is going to drop PPM’s as the salts flush out. Mine typically drop 200 ppm from start of runoff to end.

It can suck, especially when scrogging. Takes me about 30 minutes to water one damn plant. My chit will be automated next grow.

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